365 project

Day 180 – Don’t leave it too late

Day 180 - Sep 13th One thing I'd had on my mind today was about making a bit more effort to take a photo, I was keen to capture some traffic trails, as I always think these look lovely. I knew the spot I wanted to use, a big traffic light junction near home, that… Continue reading Day 180 – Don’t leave it too late

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Day 137 – The devil finds TV for idle viewing

Day 137 - Aug 1st A week off work should mean turning off the alarm clock, but any parent knows that this is a fairly irrelevant task, as those pesky kids have no concept of "sleeping in", and I have barely peeled my eyelids apart before our bed is turned into a trampoline. There is… Continue reading Day 137 – The devil finds TV for idle viewing

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Day 173/365

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." A busy day with so much going on, buying floor tiles, sanding down woodwork, quizzes, packing... its no wonder its 11pm and im doing todays photo... again! Off to France tomorrow, packing won't take too long, driving from Birmingham to Normandy should be fine, not… Continue reading Day 173/365