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Day 054 – I love you to the moon and back


I remember almost a year ago, as I was approaching my birthday, with just days to go, feeling a slight sense of reflection on the fact I was about to hit 40 years old. In reality turning 40 is just another day, I was just one day older than the day before, and some people don’t seem the slightest bit bothered by this landmark, but there are others that get quite hung up about it.

Today it was the turn of one of my friends to turn 40, and one of the last in our group, which hits the message home even harder that we really aren’t 21 any more. Our nights out have seriously fizzled away in the last couple of years, especially since so many of us now have at least one, if not two children, a wife, more responsibility at work, and possibly a little less energy to name but a few excuses! Still, as ever, with a good reason to party we’ll be shining up our best shoes, and hitting the city centre bars to mark this occasion in a couple of weeks time. For tonight though, to mark the actual day, a few of us were heading out to Nando’s to feast on some delicious spicy chicken. A very pleasant midweek treat. 

As I arrived home, the moon was shining brightly in the clear night sky, and by the time I’d pulled up outside the house, it was flickering through the branches of a large tree opposite. It took a little effort to get the camera steady and in a good spot without the image being ruined by the orange glow of the street light straight across the road from our house, but I like to think I did a half decent job of capturing the scene.

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Day 135/365

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”


I worked out that I cycled roughly 2000 miles on my previous bike and have cycled 1100 miles so far on my new bike, and today was the first puncture, thankfully in the dry as the morning rain had passed. Had to drive over to shirley to take some photos for someone, and managed to capture this shot over the city on the way home.