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Day 116 – and the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down…

Day 116 – Jul 11th

After a few weeks without rain, the garden lawn is starting to look a bit tired, and I’ve had enough of having to grab a watering can and water the flowers each evening, and then worrying about them if I forget to do it one evening. Well today started out damp, and apart from a couple of dry spells this morning, its pretty much rained all day since then.

As an adult owning a property with a garden, particularly one that you’re growing things in, its pretty much about the only time that anyone can get even remotely excited about rain. You may be cursing that your day out is ruined, or that you can’t hang the washing out to dry, but you can at least smile in the knowledge that your grass is getting a good water and the flower beds will love it. The simple fact is that this green and pleasant land of ours would not be quite so green without a bit of rain every now and again to keep it that way.

One of the little green shoots that had come from Olivia helping me to plant some seeds back in February was our sunflowers. They seemed to do very little for a number of weeks, and the shoots were no more than a few inches tall, then suddenly, out of nowhere, they seem to have shot up, and this week have even begun to open up! That’ll keep the bees happy for a while, and now the garden will start to look even brighter!

With the weather being wet, I ditched the idea of cycling this morning in favour of the motorbike. Sure, I’m still exposed to the elements, but at least on the motorbike I am covered in waterproof clothing! Made up for it with a gym session this evening, but now have come home with pretty severe heel pain, leaving me limping about a bit, and I’m not even sure how I’ve done it! Only hoping a good nights sleep will fix things, and on that note… well, you don’t get a good nights sleep from tapping away on your laptop while sat on the sofa downstairs!

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Day 059 – Just let me sleep

Day 59 – May 15th

Well, its the UK, sunshine and dry weather can’t last for long, the rain never came yesterday, but today its arrival was inevitable. This morning was a wet start to the day, which used to be a minor annoyance when I cycled to work, but now I am riding the motorbike it makes me a little bit nervous. The motorbike is considerably heavier than a bicycle, and just as liable to slip on a bend, as it has done previously! Having such a small 125cc engine, my bike also has small tyres, as they are all that is needed for an engine of this size, but the downside is that there is less rubber in contact with the tarmac even at low speeds, than on a bigger motorbike!

I made it to and from work without any issues though, I have learnt how to handle the bike a bit better now, and know where I have to be more cautious, especially in the wet. hence todays photo, rain drops on my living room window from when I got home from work.

Today wasn’t a day I wanted to be having any balance issues on the bike, as I was already feeling rough. Pushing myself at the gym on Saturday had done me no favours, and a lack of sleep over the last week or so was finally catching up with me. I monitor my sleep during the night with my apple watch, which I leave on, and my iphone, and over the last seven days I have averaged five and a half hours sleep a night… that’s pathetic! How am I getting only five and a half hours, not just one night, but every night for a week?! No wonder I am run down and my immune system has left me an “out of office” notice for the weekend!

I promised myself that I was going to start working on earlier nights, and so far I clearly haven’t done a great job of it! Oh well, if at first you don’t succeed, then try, try again!