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Day 343 – Rookie error

Day 343 – Feb 24th

One of the golden rules of a 365 project is to always keep your camera on you, as you never know when an opportunity will come up to take a shot.

The second rule… yeah, that’s to make sure you have a memory card in your camera! You’d have thought I’d have learnt that by now!

We’d arranged to visit one of my sisters today, she loves seeing the girls and we don’t get to go over very often. Not that it’s far away, just that it’s often easier to have people come to us, especially with nap times still being such a big feature of the day for Chloe. It will be nice when we can start to plan our days again without having to consider the naps. It took Olivia quite a while to stop napping during the day, but when she did there was a brief period where Chloe was still small enough to sleep anywhere, at any time, and so we could enjoy a whole day out somewhere without worrying about having to rush home before a meltdown began. It’s not to say that Olivia doesn’t fall asleep during car journeys or on the sofa at home now and again, but it’s rare, and as it’s usually only after a busy day, not having to think about it definitely makes things easier.

The girls had a lot of fun at my sisters and had a spot of lunch before we had to get off. I’d brought my camera with me, as I mentioned, and after getting it out to grab a couple of snaps, had to quickly put it away again when I realised there was no memory card in it. It was a bit of a shame, my sister loves photos of the girls, especially when she’s in them too, and there could have been a couple of chances for a 365 photo.

After a couple of hours we had to leave and decided to abandon tonight’s cooking in favour of buying some quick and easy frozen pizzas from the supermarket. It’s funny watching Olivia and Chloe together sometimes as Chloe is now in a phase of copying literally everything her big sister does, and this did not stop inside the supermarket, or walking back to the car. If Olivia swung round a post, so did Chloe. If Olivia swung under a bar, so did Chloe. As if creating a child and becoming a parent wasn’t quite amazing enough, there is nothing quite as special as creating two children and then watching them interact with each other completely independently of you.

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Day 145 – You never know whats around the corner

Day 145 – Aug 9th

Sometimes its nice to enjoy a slow start to the day, where you’re not racing to throw yourself through the shower and leap out the front door leaving behind half of the things you should have taken with you because you’re rushing too much.

Our only commitment of the day was to meet one of Olivia’s nursery friends at soft play, a girl she hasn’t seen outside of the nursery setting before, so it was nice for her to have someone new to play with that she already knew. Soft play seems like the easy activity to do in poor weather, but it does have many advantages in developing gross motor skills, social skills, confidence, independence, and its also a chance to burn off a little energy.

We got home from soft play just in time to start dinner, and rather than let the girls just sit in front of the tv while dinner is cooked, I wanted to get them both involved, so we decided to make pizzas. The base was shop bought, they just had to choose and add their own toppings. As we stood to chop and prepare the toppings, the door went, it was the sister-in-law with the girls cousins. Thankfully we had four small pizza bases, so they decided to stop and join in with the pizza making. Pizza making was a hit, and in a short time we had four individualised pizzas served up. Entertainment and dinner all in one go!

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“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” –Anne Frank

20140606_095711369_iOS (1)

So todays photo, a simple flower, significant though for two reasons. Firstly this flower was photographed where I work, which for those of you who don’t know is a school (I’ve not noticed them anywhere else!), and it is one of several bushes that has flowered in our playground and the smell is beautiful, it takes me way back to when I was a child as I haven’t smelt that significant scent since I wore shorts and a tie and carried a little satchel and walked past identical bushes on the way into my junior school. Its funny how certain smells can immediately bring certain memories back to life and make us think about things and people and how we felt at the time in a way that sounds or photos just can’t! Yet always seem to remember certain rooms, individuals (did your nan ever wear strong perfume and never change it?) or even peoples houses having a certain scent about them. Well these flowers smelt lovely and I suddenly felt seven years old again for the briefest of moments! The other significant thing about todays photo, for me, is the level of detail in it, bearing in mind that I wasn’t using a big SLR camera with some fancy schmancy lens on it… I shot this on my iPhone! Yup, just my iPhone! I can’t lie, I’m quite impressed with it!

Today is Friday, and this time I am definitely looking forward to the weekend, although the weather forecast isn’t great, but at least today the sun is shining and it is warm and definitely feeling more like a day in June should do! The mother in law is looking after Olivia again for us today, but I have planned to visit the nursery closest to us as soon as I get home. Olivia was asleep when I got back, but woke up shortly after I got in, which was great timing, and so with the mother in law on her way, I got Olivia ready to go out for a walk to the nursery with me. Clare had visited two yesterday, and both were good, but she got a particular good feeling from the one, which also happens to be the closest and easiest to get to for us as a bonus, so I decided to go and have a look. I could have waited until next week, but with more people interested than they have places for, I decided against hanging around as there was no benefit in it. I didn’t want to create my own list of potential nurseries and then battle with the wife as to which one we should send Olivia to, obviously the closer to home the better for us, and with Clare trusting her mothers instinct to guide her, I had to trust her feelings. For me, the visit was just to go and make sure nothing stood out as a concern and to meet the staff and make sure I got the same feeling, which I did. Maing sure we discuss it this weekend, as long as we we are both singing from the same hymn sheet then there is no reason to hang about with getting Olivia’s name down and securing a place for her, and thereby taking the worry of how the future will look away from us. It was a warm afternoon, and after cycling home at speed, uphill, I was struggling to cool myself down after getting off the bike, especially as our little princess had woken up in a funny mood and didn’t want to go in her buggy for the walk, and so daddy, already a little sweaty, had to carry madam whilst pushing her buggy at the same time. I must have looked a right state when I got to the nursery! It was much bigger than I imagined from having driven past it previously, but it was very welcoming inside and the staff were lovely. It was an even more pleasant surprise when Clare turned up after getting off the bus from work just outside, and so was able to walk home with us!

Tonight we’d decided on pizza for tea, and while I was out picking some up, I also grabbed myself a few beers, it was Friday after all! Sadly, after our 5am baby alarm call, I was shattered and got through a whole two beers before I was falling asleep to a film downstairs. I tapped out and threw in the towel. Midnight on a Friday and I was in bed, oh the rock and roll life of a parent!