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Day 200 – At least the sky is still beautiful

Day 200 – Oct 3rd

So with the news of Las Vegas fresh in everyone’s mind still, besides arguing the pros and cons of american gun laws there is little we can do about it all the way over here in the UK, and I am not going to continue watching a loop of news articles about people saying the same thing over and over again now that the majority of the facts are already established, or at least as much as the police can work out.

I was already frustratingly late home from work and keen to spend time with the girls before bedtime. They were both tired and so bath time was scrapped for the night, I was tired myself from cycling to work, and not getting enough sleep since going to the gym on Monday night.

Every day I promise myself that I am not going to go to bed late, and yet every night time seems to run away with me and the time I set myself to head up to bed comes and goes. Surely I can’t be the only one who does this all the time? There seems to be so much to do every night, including blogging, sometimes having to take the time to find a photo for the 365 project on the blog and then there is also editing photos from the recent wedding I shot. Then, if by any chance, I want to watch anything on tv then I am almost certainly ruling out any chance whatsoever of an early night, as most of the stuff I want to watch generally isn’t the kind of thing that the wife wants to watch, although the truth is that its not very often I watch tv anyway.

I was inspired by the wife for tonights photo, as she was glancing out of the window while closing the curtains she noticed that the moon was looking a little eerie behind the clouds and that I should get a shot of it. By the time I had got my camera out and attached the longest zoom lens there were no clouds in front of the moon at all, but I wasn’t giving up. Although the sky was very dark, I could see more clouds moving in, and I was determined to get the shot. Getting well exposed shots of the moon and clouds is a really tricky one due to the limited dynamic range of the camera, the human eye can see a much larger range of light and dark than a camera sensor, and so getting the shot I wanted wasn’t easy, without driving to find a better location and spending a little time on it. I wasn’t prepared to go to those lengths today, especially as I should have been in bed by the time I made the decision to get this shot. I think it turned out okay though.

365 project

Day 054 – I love you to the moon and back


I remember almost a year ago, as I was approaching my birthday, with just days to go, feeling a slight sense of reflection on the fact I was about to hit 40 years old. In reality turning 40 is just another day, I was just one day older than the day before, and some people don’t seem the slightest bit bothered by this landmark, but there are others that get quite hung up about it.

Today it was the turn of one of my friends to turn 40, and one of the last in our group, which hits the message home even harder that we really aren’t 21 any more. Our nights out have seriously fizzled away in the last couple of years, especially since so many of us now have at least one, if not two children, a wife, more responsibility at work, and possibly a little less energy to name but a few excuses! Still, as ever, with a good reason to party we’ll be shining up our best shoes, and hitting the city centre bars to mark this occasion in a couple of weeks time. For tonight though, to mark the actual day, a few of us were heading out to Nando’s to feast on some delicious spicy chicken. A very pleasant midweek treat. 

As I arrived home, the moon was shining brightly in the clear night sky, and by the time I’d pulled up outside the house, it was flickering through the branches of a large tree opposite. It took a little effort to get the camera steady and in a good spot without the image being ruined by the orange glow of the street light straight across the road from our house, but I like to think I did a half decent job of capturing the scene.

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The 365 project: days 48-50

Well the 365 project continues, but there is one thing that must come to an end, and that’s my relentless eating and consequent weight gain. Its fair to say it has been a somewhat distracting couple of months, which all started in the run up to christmas. For me, the festive period is a time to relax, ease up on the exercise, and generally eat and drink pretty much what I like, with the intention of burning it off when spring arrives. Unfortunately soon after the new year I was ill for a couple of weeks and in no real shape to be running or cycling, so I put all the exercise on hold. Then, pretty much as soon as I’d recovered it was the run up to the due date for baby number 2!

In the aftermath of a newborn, especially with a toddler running around distracting you, there are frequently evenings where you just cannot be bothered to cook. We totally caved in and took advantage of the Just Eat app on our phones, takeaway heaven! It was all good, but boy am I paying for it now!

So the time has come to dust off my trusty myfitnesspal app, and admit that something needs to change rapidly before I find myself heading off to the shops to depressingly refit my entire wardrobe with all new clothes in the next size up! I need to be banning all the snacks, and other calorie laden treats, especially and specifically the biscuits, crisps, beer and chocolate! 

Its fair to say I have surprising will power when I need it, and can stick at pretty much anything when I put my mind to it… except healthy eating it would appear. I have a real weakness for snacks, especially when I have just walked in from cycling my bike home from work and feel an instant craving for the sugary goodness that lines the biscuit tin! Giving in to it in a moment of weakness is all too easy, especially when you keep all that crap in your cupboards!
I have to remember that I have both my daughters christening and my 40th birthday to look forward to this year (still trying not to think about the 40th!) and I do not want to look back on those and be thinking about how fat I look in the photos! Time to get my ass in gear!

Anyway, more about that another time, on with the 365…

48: There have been some beautiful viewings of the moon recently, the skies have been clear and the air has been cold. Winter is a great time of year for star gazing, and there is a whole genre of photography dedicated to it. I’d love to take more photos of the stars, but I am not sure what kind of market there would be for those. I captured this shot of the moon with my 70-200mm lens on a cropped sensor camera, but still had to crop into the photo to get this.

Day 48 - Feb 23rd
Day 48 – Feb 23rd

49: One thing we haven’t been short of recently is flowers around the house. One thing we have been short of is vases to put them all in!I lose track of when the different bunches arrived, but this particular one doesn’t seem to be doing so well, I was wondering if the cold was affecting it as it was so close to the window? I still thought it would make a good shot anyway.

Day 49 - Feb 24th
Day 49 – Feb 24th

50: Clearly the wife has been food shopping and I need to rethink snack time, maybe a nice healthy apple would be a better alternative to biscuits!

Day 50 - Feb 25th
Day 50 – Feb 25th

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“That ship has not yet sailed.”


Its funny how your day actually turns out when you compare it to how you thought it may have turned out. I suppose for the most part it was a normal wednesday, the day went well, work was fine and I had a pleasant ride home. When I got in Olivia was up and extremely pleased to see me and my wonderful wife was already in the kitchen preparing a delicious smelling dinner. I certainly don’t expect dinner to be cooked for me, but I will definitely miss it when she goes back to work! Tonight was day two of daddy bath time, a chance for Clare to have a bit of time off while I take Olivia upstairs and give her a bath and get her ready for bed. Its not going too bad at the moment, but with Olivia sitting up as much as she is now, the baby recliner that we use for bathing her is almost redundant and we need to find an alternative until she is sitting confidently on her own. Bath time was fun, Olivia had a great time splashing around, and combined with all the sitting up she has been doing, she was exhausted and yawning her head off soon after I dressed her, so an early bottle of milk and she was off to bed for the night. Baby bathed, dressed, fed and in bed for 7:30pm… that’s worthy of a high five I think!

I went to visit a couple of friends, as is normal for a Wednesday night, and spent a couple of hours chewing the fat with them before heading home and making an important phone call that I’d almost left too late, but it turned out to be a much longer call than I had anticipated and has such made me much later to bed than I was hoping tonight. It was all for a good cause though and hopefully in the long run some good will come from me investing this time now and trying to help someone to sort a few issues out. At this point my work is done, all I can do now is sit back and keep my fingers crossed.

I took tonights photo on the way home from my friends, the temperature was plummeting, and the sky was clear. Having parked the car under a bare tree, it created an interested effect on the moon. I suppose if anything I can relate it to my thoughts today when you look at the size of a small little moon in the vastness of space and then compare it to my need to step back and look at the bigger picture of my life. Certain things have been on my mind recently, but in reality, nothing that I can change or really do much about any more. Merely dwelling on a ship that HAS already sailed and trying to focus on the ones that haven’t. Yeah yeah I know its all a bit obscure, but I can’t mention names on here all the time, I literally do not know who reads this after all! When the time is right I may elaborate on a few issues a little more.

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Day 232/365

“A life, Jimmy, you know what that is? It’s the shit that happens while you’re waiting for moments that never come.”


Managed to make a few runs to the tip today and get back down to the flat to do some painting so that the in-laws can rent it out when its ready. Tomorrow is baby’s due date, and with no sign of junior making an appearance any time soon, we’ve decided to make the most of the day rather than wait around. Hopefully we’ll be heading out for lunch and maybe find something at the cinema to entertain us in the afternoon! Our antenatal class recommended to keep ourselves busy rather than wait around, and we seem to be getting rather impatient already. News that my friend at work just went 15 days over hasn’t done a great deal to encourage me. At least the weather forecast is looking good so that we can get out and do things, even if the wife is going to curse me for trying to get her to go walking when it is quite uncomfortable for her.

Now to put my feet up, enjoy a beer (just the one) and finally get into The Wire boxset that i’ve been waiting to watch and have heard many good things about!

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Day 202/365

“Don’t you know there ain’t no devil, it’s just god when he’s drunk.”


Okay, so its fair to say I had a drink or two last night, and it would also be fair to say that maybe I got a little carried away. If you ask the wife, her side of the story may be a little more colourful than my subtle description. Needless to say I felt a little worse for wear this morning, although had a thoroughly enjoyable evening the night before. After missing breakfast and only just getting up in time for lunch, we ate and popped to argos before I went round to the house to do some more work, it was time to start putting the laminate floor down. Thanks to the father in law for his help, we should have it finished in a few days, we’ll soon be moved in! It was on the way home I realised that it was starting to get dark, I didn’t have a photo, but the moon was just calling out to be photographed.

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Day 58/365

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


Really struggled for inspiration, seems to be a Wednesday thing as I spend a lot of my evening at a friends house. Was caught by the moon on the way home and the way it was hiding behind a faint cloud. When I finally got home this image then took a step further and moved behind a tree. I knew i’d found my image.