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Day 096 – El scorchio

Day 96 – June 21st

The heatwave continues and seems to reach a new peak today. The morning starts out a little cool and cloudy, but apparently the sun is having none of that, and by the afternoon it feels like the earth is on fire! At work I am lucky to be in an air conditioned room, and it is bliss! Stepping outside the room, even briefly was like walking off the airplane in a hot country when you’re on holiday. 

This probably means nothing to you if you’re reading this in somewhere like Arizona, or India, but here in the UK the much cooler climate, plus the several hours of air con on an airplane whilst travelling to somewhere tropical means the heat as you step off the plane hits you like a slap around the face from a very angry woman that you’ve just insulted, after also insulting her mother and her children.

You get the idea!

The ride home on the motorbike was a completely different story, and after sampling how hot it was outside, I was almost tempted for a brief millisecond to not wear a jacket, but just knew that if I didn’t then today would be the day that something happened I fell off. I really don’t fancy using the skin on my arm to slow me down, that tarmac, whilst moving at 40mph underneath me would turn into a cheese grater on my skin! 

I think I’ll stick with being hot and sweaty for a little while, and getting home in one piece. 

A thick leather jacket, my choice of riding apparel, needs a fast flow of air to even stand a chance of not making you overheat, and in slow traffic there is little or no chance of that happening! I think I need to go shopping for more summer friendly bike wear soon!

At home the girls hadn’t coped too well with the heat, and they were both looking exhausted. The fan in the living room was on full, and all the doors and windows were open. There was just no cooling anything down. All we could do was throw both of the girls in the shower before bedtime, and set it to cool. It seemed to do the trick and they both slept well, so I decided to jump in the shower before bed myself, and set it to as cold as I could possibly handle. The only word to describe the water was bracing, and the over riding urge was to jump out, but I stuck with it, and it paid off.

I slept well.


Day 094 – Is it just me, or is it warm in here?

Day 94 – Jun 19th

Boom! Flaming June gets to live up to its name at last, as the heatwave lands, and the temperatures outside are pushing the mercury past 30ÂșC all over the country, with more of it set to come as the week goes on.

I am feeling a bit rough after the weekend, the warm weather, eating crap food, drinking too much and staying up late enough to fall asleep on the sofa three nights in a row. Anyone would think I’d just discovered university and the student way of life or something. I need to be really cutting out the crap, drinking less and getting myself to bed at a sensible time!

For whatever reason, the roads seemed almost empty this morning, and the ride in was like a dream. I’d thought about cycling in, although was very glad that I didn’t as the showers were not working when I got to work, and I’d have been the guy that NO-ONE wanted to stand next to!! The motorbike was a lot more fun anyway, although this motorbike clothing was going to be hot work later on! Black, thick, padded… the kind of clothing you don’t want to stay still for long in, as long as I’m moving, I’m okay!

Today’s photo was sat down for dinner together as a family, the way dinner time should be. I was playing around with an old favourite lens, the 50mm lens, great for so many things, including portraits. Awesome for kids…. as long as they stay still for long enough, as the area of the scene that’s in focus is so narrow that the child only has to lean forward and their face is out of focus, and what was so close to be an awesome photo is subsequently deleted.

Day 092 – In case of fire, find water

Day 92 – Jun 17th

Well the weather forecast has lived up to expectations, and even though it was early in the morning, the mercury was already starting to soar! My first job of the day was to get the car over to my mechanics garage, so he could check the battery and car our car starting properly again.

With that checked out, the next job was to drop Clare at the hospital to see her mother, before taking the girls home so Chloe could get a nap before we did something with our, as yet unplanned day. I contacted a few friends about an afternoon in the park with the kids, a couple of them already had plans, and I was about to resort to putting the paddling pool up in the garden under the gazebo for the girls, when my phone pinged with a message from one who hadn’t yet replied, and suggested we join him in his garden for some paddling pool fun with the kids. Game on!

The kids had fun playing together and splashing about, although it wasn’t long before Olivia took herself indoors to explore all the toys! We were in no hurry to leave, especially when another friend arrived with his little girl. Instead, we opened the cider (best drink on a hot day!) and got in some KFC for dinner!

From a day with no plans, it turned out to be a fantastic day, even if I did end up with burnt shoulders,
by simply assuming I wasn’t going to need cream as (I thought) I’d kept out of the sun enough to not really get caught out by it! Apparently not! Still, at least I don’t have the wife’s inherited faulty irish sun-averse genes, and this would eventually calm down and tan! I just hope I’ve passed on a few of my slightly more sun tolerant genes to the girls!

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