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Project 365 Week 13: Days 85 – 91

Its a hot one today, thankfully the wife and girls are safe inside as they're meeting friends at an imaginary play centre. I am taking the chance to catch a little UV on my breaks at work, just glad we're having something we can call a summer! Day 85 - Jun 11 Having spent my… Continue reading Project 365 Week 13: Days 85 – 91

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Day 138 – Who needs sunshine to have a bit of fun

Day 138 - Aug 2nd Time to make some indoor entertainment, August has landed with a wet start and little signs of improving any time soon. With two little girls who love getting outdoors we decide to head out to a soft play centre so they can burn off some energy with some climbing, jumping… Continue reading Day 138 – Who needs sunshine to have a bit of fun

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Day 112 – from the tiny ant to the mighty elephant

Day 112 - Jul 7th Since February I have been growing flowers from seed in the house, the transporting them outdoors when the time came about eight weeks later, after the threat of frost had completely passed. I love to have a bit of colour in the garden, and would ideally spend more time gardening,… Continue reading Day 112 – from the tiny ant to the mighty elephant

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Day 097 – The fruits of our labour

Day 97 - Jun 22nd A few weeks ago I was given a strawberry plant by a friend at work, took it home and planted it in the garden just in time for flowers to start appearing on it. When the flowers appear it's not long before they fall off and strawberries begin to appear… Continue reading Day 097 – The fruits of our labour


Day 083 – Election day, have your say!

Day 83 - Jun 8th Thursday the 8th of June is election day, where the country gets to vote in a new leader. Unlike previous elections the difference between the two main parties has never been more obvious, and so turnout is expected to be much higher this time around. Clare had been busy all… Continue reading Day 083 – Election day, have your say!

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More project 365 photos: days 168 – 179

Welcome back to the project 365 update and another look at what has been going on or catching my eye, as we now get closer to halfway through the project. 168: We start off with a shot of some very colourful tulips sat on our window ledge that I had bought for the wife. Its… Continue reading More project 365 photos: days 168 – 179

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365 update: days 76 – 83

Blimey! How quickly do the days fly by when you get a little bit distracted? I have fallen way behind with these updates now, as it has been a busy few days, and I need to get caught up. At home there are many distractions, a toddler and a baby can easily keep your hands… Continue reading 365 update: days 76 – 83

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The year ahead

Often I come on here and just don't know where to begin. Today is one of those days. One of the biggest features of the last few days was a trek to the Lake District with some work colleagues, as we were planning to get to the top of Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in… Continue reading The year ahead

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Summer is just around the corner

Its Sunday night and I am hoping I will have time to get this blog started and finished before bed, without it being the middle of the night before I finish! The weeks are slipping by at quite a rate now, in the big countdown to the summer holidays. We have just five weeks left,… Continue reading Summer is just around the corner

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Oh, how things change

It there is one thing that doesn't change, its change itself! Just when you begin to get used to something, life inevitably pulls the rug from under you. This isn't always a bad thing, and often change is for the better. Sometimes change is neither good, nor bad, its just change. Life has changed again… Continue reading Oh, how things change