Day 083 – Election day, have your say!

Day 83 - Jun 8th Thursday the 8th of June is election day, where the country gets to vote in a new leader. Unlike previous elections the difference between the two main parties has never been more obvious, and so turnout is expected to be much higher this time around. Clare had been busy all… Continue reading Day 083 – Election day, have your say!

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With the new week comes a new attitude, the health plan finally has to kick in again. This means sensible eating and extra exercise. The last time I lost any weight, I managed to drop around a stone and a half, all with the help of a free iPhone app myfitnesspal. I used it to… Continue reading 167.365

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We were woken up this morning with a rather lively thunderstorm, I haven't seen so many flashes of lightning in a single storm before, on top of the monsoon style rain that was coming down. It soon had me out of bed and at the window, I love a good thunderstorm! It died away after… Continue reading 158.365

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Day 239/365

"You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for." Junior is now approaching a week overdue and absolutely no signs of moving and I'm starting to put my money on the wife being induced at two weeks overdue. We've tried various things to get things moving and yesterdays long walk did nothing.… Continue reading Day 239/365

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Day 196/365

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt." Still feeling drained from the weekend, the hot weather, as lovely as it is doesn't take away the pain of losing my Aunt. Its all I can do to keep myself busy and take my mind off things for a bit. The house is continuing to take up… Continue reading Day 196/365