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Day 204 – It’s worth the sacrifice

Day 204 - Oct 7th A slow start to the day meant that I had time to indulge myself in the Grand Prix qualifying while the wife took the eldest out to dance class. Just a shame I can't do this every Saturday!  Once she was home and qualifying had finished it was time for… Continue reading Day 204 – It’s worth the sacrifice

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Day 057 – You can’t escape the inevitable

Day 57 - May 13th It was going to be a fairly quiet weekend, the few plans we'd got had been cancelled due to our two girls and their incredibly snotty noses. I'd lost count of how many wet wipes we'd gone through cleaning these slimy noses, and I'd got to the point where I'd… Continue reading Day 057 – You can’t escape the inevitable



Right, I am NOT going to let this be a late night! I am typing this as I wait for a loaf of bread to finish baking and it has about 25 minutes on the clock. Once the loaf is done, I want to take it out of the bread maker, cover it over with… Continue reading 324.365

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"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." Sunday morning and time for the F1 Chinese Grand Prix! Olivia was awake too, so I took her downstairs for breakfast and left Clare to have a bit of a lie in! I would have liked to have headed out to watch the race at Après, the… Continue reading 110.365

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"Elephants and grandchildren never forget." 5am isn't any time to be up on a Sunday morning, but having to go into the bathroom to have a coughing fit only serves to make you feel even worse. Thankfully I managed to get back to sleep, but this pollution we experienced has done me no favours, and… Continue reading 96.365

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89.365 Mothers Day

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." Happy mothers day to all the moms reading this! Mothers day in the UK, and for men like myself who have recently become a dad, and so have a wife or girlfriend celebrating their first ever mothers day, a… Continue reading 89.365 Mothers Day

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"Parklife" It takes a real Formula 1 fan to understand why I set my alarm for 4:45am today and was in the car by 5:10am heading out to a bar in the city centre. It has been a long 4 months waiting for the 2014 season to begin in Australia, but today it was finally… Continue reading 75.365.2014

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Day 321/365

“We'll be friends until forever, just you wait and see” After a few beers last night, this morning started earlier than I wanted it to. I tried to grab a little nap again before midday, but didn't have much luck. A quick tidy up of the house, and it was time to start cooking lunch… Continue reading Day 321/365