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Project 365 Week 11 – Days 71 – 77

Day 71 - May 28 The start of the half term holiday, and we have nothing planned as it is time to start potty training Chloe. We know we need a good week to try this, and can't really fit it around activities or going out anywhere. Day 1 is mixed results, some success and… Continue reading Project 365 Week 11 – Days 71 – 77

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Day 315 – It’s a PJ kinda day

Day 315 - Jan 27th Saturday was one of those days where we didn't have any plans and we wanted to keep it that way. The only commitment all day was Olivia's dance class in the morning, although I was very grateful to the wife for taking her, while I stayed at home with Chloe.… Continue reading Day 315 – It’s a PJ kinda day

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Day 304 – Not just tired, but parenting tired

Day 304 - Jan 16th After our previous nights excitement in hospital, today we were feeling the full effects of missed sleep. I'd worked out that I'd got just over three hours before my alarm went off, and knew that today was going to be a long day. As it happened, I coped fairly well… Continue reading Day 304 – Not just tired, but parenting tired

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Day 139 – there isn’t room to swing a cat in here

Day 139 - Aug 3rd Rain, rain, endless rain, its like the weather has forgotten what month it is! Thankfully my plan for today involved spending more time in the garage in an attempt to get it into some kind of order. There is only so much I can throw out, regardless of how ruthless… Continue reading Day 139 – there isn’t room to swing a cat in here

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Summer is just around the corner

Its Sunday night and I am hoping I will have time to get this blog started and finished before bed, without it being the middle of the night before I finish! The weeks are slipping by at quite a rate now, in the big countdown to the summer holidays. We have just five weeks left,… Continue reading Summer is just around the corner

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Just one day left before the weekend leaves me feeling very happy indeed! It has just been one of those weeks that I just can't seem to get into the groove of. Maybe too many late nights, or a change in the weather, I don't know what it is but I am genuinely feeling a… Continue reading 268.365

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Have we got to a point already where we take the internet for granted? Did we forget what life was like before it. I know for me, it has had some pretty life changing consequences, in terms of meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends, on top of which, like most people virtually everything… Continue reading 217.365

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What should have been a wonderful day, with some lovely things planned, ended up being a bit of a disappointment. I woke up aching, thinking maybe a bit of sunburn had done that to me, but it got worse and worse as the day went on, everything started hurting. We went out anyway to make… Continue reading 204.365

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“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” -Anne Frank So todays photo, a simple flower, significant though for two reasons. Firstly this flower was photographed where I work, which for those of you who don't know… Continue reading 157.365

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“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” Sundays plans didn't exactly come together in the end. One of the things about having children is that you quickly need to learn to adapt and be flexible. Plans are no longer written in ink, but instead written in pencil with an eraser close by! We… Continue reading 145.365