Day 271 – How to survive on 3 hours sleep

Day 271 - Dec 14th After the Star Wars viewing at the cinema I was home and in bed for just after 3am, and back up again just after 6am to get ready for work, I had to somehow make it through today on 3 hours sleep. I got to work and strangely felt fine,… Continue reading Day 271 – How to survive on 3 hours sleep

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The 365 project: days 62 & 63

Onwards into the 60s with days 62 & 63 from the 365, and on a positive start to the blog, I am feeling much better than this time than I was last week. Its amazing how something so small that you can't even see it can make you feel so rough and take you out… Continue reading The 365 project: days 62 & 63

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Day 299/365

"The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast." After treating myself to a couple of beers last night, I spent most of today feeling exhausted. We had a lovely start to the day when more family came to visit, Gary and Margarita brought their little baby daughter over, who was absolutely gorgeous… Continue reading Day 299/365