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Day 249 – The beast has landed

Day 249 – Nov 22nd

I was really keeping my fingers crossed that today was going to be the day… the day my new credit card landed and I was able to collect my new motorbike. I had signed up to an ‘interest free on purchases’ credit card to make financing a new bike free of any finance charges.

And then the wife rang me… it had landed through the door. Being the awesome wife that she is, I soon had it in my hand at work, and had everything all in place to just jump on the motorway as soon as I finished work. There was just one problem though, I had never taken a motorbike on the motorway before, and my current one only had a top speed of 60mph at best! Still, it was the only way to get to the motorbike dealers on time, I was just getting very concerned that as the day was going on, the wind was picking up dramatically, in fact to the point where the weather service had issued a yellow weather warning for wind!!

With my insurance sorted at the very last minute, I headed straight up there, only to get caught up in some of the worst traffic I have ever seen almost as soon as I get out of work. I only had until 5pm before the dealer closed, and knew I wasn’t going to make it, although thankfully a quick stop and a begging phone call meant that someone was going to wait for me. The weather was trying to throw me off the bike the whole way there, but at least I had my satnav directing me and the traffic had eventually cleared meaning I could get my foot down!

After handing over my old bike, and completing the purchase on my new one, I was swiftly on my way to the petrol station to fill up before making the daunting ride home, in the dark on an unfamiliar bike, with the wind battering me from every side. There was a certain amount of pleasure to be had from a new and powerful bike, but the weather was really taking the edge off it.

I struggled to get my satnav mount fitted on the new bike in the dark, and with the wind and rain distracting me, I was also aware that time was ticking and I wanted to get home in time to see the girls before they went to bed, and so decided to make the journey without any GPS guidance. I didn’t know the area at all, but knew the motorway wasn’t far from the dealers and thankfully I was soon back on it, getting a feel for the bike and just keeping it in a straight line, trying not to let the horrific weather bother me.

It was a good feeling pulling up outside my house, with the girls in the porch watching me arrive, knowing I had literally defied the odds and made it back safely. Phew! I certainly won’t be going out in weather like that again any time soon!.


Day 141 – Where does the time go?

141 - 225
Day 141 – Aug 3rd

Four years. Where has four years gone? It seems like five minutes since we were sat in a room with a bunch of strangers, six other first time heavily pregnant women with their six rather anxious fathers-to-be, about to be taught the joys/horrors of child birth, and what to actually do with a baby when you get it home.

This bunch of strangers turned out to be a really cool bunch of people who we have remained friends with ever since. The moms regularly meet up, and so do the dads, and occasionally we get the whole gang together, which is tricky as there is so many of us, but for the joint birthday party and usually christmas too, everyone always puts the effort in to be there.

The location has changed each year, for the first year we met at Pizza Express, but have since moved on to having it at each others homes as there is more room for the kids, as we don’t need to book any tables or have a time allowance. We all contributed by bringing some different food with us to put on the buffet, and helped to clear up at the end. Clare had found a piñata at the supermarket, which we filled with sweets and took with us, the kids loved it! We were just grateful to get outside at all though, the weather had been crazy this morning… black clouds, torrential rain, thunder and lightning as we arrived, followed by blazing sunshine and clear blue skies, followed by torrential rain and hail stones! Thankfully the sunshine bit hung around long enough to dry most of the garden out so that we could all get out.

All in all a great day, even if the dads were feeling a little fragile after meeting for a few beers the night before!

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