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Day 141 – Where does the time go?

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Day 141 – Aug 3rd

Four years. Where has four years gone? It seems like five minutes since we were sat in a room with a bunch of strangers, six other first time heavily pregnant women with their six rather anxious fathers-to-be, about to be taught the joys/horrors of child birth, and what to actually do with a baby when you get it home.

This bunch of strangers turned out to be a really cool bunch of people who we have remained friends with ever since. The moms regularly meet up, and so do the dads, and occasionally we get the whole gang together, which is tricky as there is so many of us, but for the joint birthday party and usually christmas too, everyone always puts the effort in to be there.

The location has changed each year, for the first year we met at Pizza Express, but have since moved on to having it at each others homes as there is more room for the kids, as we don’t need to book any tables or have a time allowance. We all contributed by bringing some different food with us to put on the buffet, and helped to clear up at the end. Clare had found a piñata at the supermarket, which we filled with sweets and took with us, the kids loved it! We were just grateful to get outside at all though, the weather had been crazy this morning… black clouds, torrential rain, thunder and lightning as we arrived, followed by blazing sunshine and clear blue skies, followed by torrential rain and hail stones! Thankfully the sunshine bit hung around long enough to dry most of the garden out so that we could all get out.

All in all a great day, even if the dads were feeling a little fragile after meeting for a few beers the night before!

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Day 019 – Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

Day 19 – Apr 5th

Hump daaaayyyyy! AH yes, the turning point of the working week, giving us a little hope that the Monday feeling is far behind us and the weekend is on its way!

The weather is starting to improve and with British Summer Time now in effect, sunset is already at 8pm and getting later. This gives me plenty of opportunities to play outside with the girls, as both of them love being outdoors and Olivia takes no convincing! We opt to go for a little walk while Clare gets the dinner ready, and although Olivia rarely leaves the house without her scooter these days, today she opts for the dolls pram in a bit of a shocking move! Immediately I see this as something that will probably last for about 90 seconds before she gets bored and I am asked to carry it and get stuck with it for the entire rest of the walk, as is often the case, but a firm warning that I am having nothing to do with it and she will have to push it the whole way is good enough for me to think that she’s got the message. To her credit, the walk turned into quite a long one, and she actually pushed this pram the whole way without any complaint! We took a route up to the local shop before heading on to the in-laws as Olivia was insisting we say hello… and also to use the toilet, as the large bottle of strawberry flavoured water that I’d been conned into buying at the shop was beginning to look less and less like a good idea! Thankfully the grandparents saved the day and we were soon off home again, just in time for tea! I’d lugged the camera round with me the whole way, whilst also carrying Chloe in the carrier on my back. I got a few snaps, but in the end settled on this portrait of Chloe while we were in the house as todays photo. Isn’t she gorgeous!?

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Day 006 – Brighter days are coming

Day 6 – Mar 23rd

Here in the UK we are on the verge of spring arriving, and at the weekend the clocks go forward for British Summer Time, also known as Daylight Savings Time an idea thought up by a man called William Willet in 1907, it was finally passed by parliament in 1916. Pop trivia fact, William Willet is actually the great great grandfather of Coldplay’s Chris Martin!

So with spring almost here, and the days getting significantly longer, its really nice to start seeing some more sunlight at last in what has been a fairly wet, misty and windy end to the winter. The flower seeds I planted a number of weeks ago are all thriving and soon it will be warm enough to plant them out, much to the relief of the wife who is thoroughly sick of seeing them sat on the windowsill!

Todays photo was one I caught of my daughter as she sat near the wonderful light coming in from the front window. There is a real sweet spot near this window which has produced some fantastic light in the right conditions and made for some of my favourite photos!