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Day 141 – Where does the time go?

Day 141 - Aug 3rd Four years. Where has four years gone? It seems like five minutes since we were sat in a room with a bunch of strangers, six other first time heavily pregnant women with their six rather anxious fathers-to-be, about to be taught the joys/horrors of child birth, and what to actually… Continue reading Day 141 – Where does the time go?

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Day 117 – run like the wind, walk like an arthritic old man!

Day 117 - Jul 12th Last nights gym session felt good, I got a bit of a sweat on doing a warm up time on the exercise bike, then took to the treadmill to push my running a bit, in the hope of being in a position to consider this years half marathon. Plan A… Continue reading Day 117 – run like the wind, walk like an arthritic old man!

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Day 047 – Children make memories, not mess

Feeding the children has become a part of our normal meal time now. Quite often, if we are eating at a sensible time, the girls will eat pretty much what we are eating, making life a lot easier as we are only cooking one meal. As any parent knows though, meal times aren't always that… Continue reading Day 047 – Children make memories, not mess

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365 update: days 76 – 83

Blimey! How quickly do the days fly by when you get a little bit distracted? I have fallen way behind with these updates now, as it has been a busy few days, and I need to get caught up. At home there are many distractions, a toddler and a baby can easily keep your hands… Continue reading 365 update: days 76 – 83


Another year draws to a close

Yet another summer term ends, and while we still have one more day tomorrow, it is for staff only as the pupils get to start their holiday at the end of today. It has been a year full of trials and difficulties, some challenging pupils and some difficult staff issues too, and I will be… Continue reading Another year draws to a close

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Summer is just around the corner

Its Sunday night and I am hoping I will have time to get this blog started and finished before bed, without it being the middle of the night before I finish! The weeks are slipping by at quite a rate now, in the big countdown to the summer holidays. We have just five weeks left,… Continue reading Summer is just around the corner


Falling way, way behind…

It has been a busy couple of weeks one way or another, and as much as I'd like to blog, there sometimes doesn't seem like there's enough time in the day! Time is already a premium, and this is something I am well aware of, but technically I already have a full time job, a… Continue reading Falling way, way behind…

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Gotta love a bank holiday

Gotta love a long bank holiday weekend, nothing feels better than sticking two fingers up to Monday morning and turning off your alarm clock, and there's still one more bank holiday left for this year as well! There are numerous ways to kickstart the weekend, and while I couldn't be out propping up a bar with friends… Continue reading Gotta love a bank holiday