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Sunday started with a bit of urgency as we’d had another bad night with Olivia and were all very tired. Yet again she’d woken up with a temperature very close to 40ºc and covered in snot! It was all we could do to clean her up and cool her down. The temptation is to take drastic measure to cool her, but this isn’t necessarily the best idea. We gave her the magic elixir of calpol and removed her top layer of clothing. This seemed to help and whilst she was still warm when I put her back down, at least the thermometer showed her body temperature was starting to go down.

We were due to meet our friends at the local garden centre, as just like last year they had some real reindeers for the children to see. We picked up Olivia’s cousin along the way and it was a lovely morning out and a chance for the parents to catch up over a hot chocolate and a bite in the garden centre cafe once we’d seen the reindeers. There was no rush as lunch was already sorted for us courtesy of the in-laws, and after we’d spent a couple of hours there, it was time to head home so that I could get ready for the evenings event, the wedding celebrations of a friend of mine. I’d been asked to take a few photos, although I wasn’t quite clear on what would be happening, and wasn’t expecting to see another photographer there. As it was n asian wedding, the actual registry had been done the day before, and this was an evening of celebration, but I didn’t know what was supposed to be happening, and so it wasn’t an ideal situation for me, as I like to be prepared for weddings, and certainly don’t want to feel like I am in competition with another photographer, which was what this was starting to feel like. Whilst I do sometimes shoot with a second photographer, which is usually my friend Phil, we always work to compliment each other and try not to duplicate each others shots. If I am shooting with someone I don’t know, I would meet them first to discuss the day and what each of us is expected to do. Finding out on the night that a second person was also taking photos meant I was on a back foot from the start, this person clearly knew what was going on and seemed to know a lot of the people already. In the end, I did my best, I got a few good shots, and I saw that the other person had also been busy, so I am sure that most angles had been covered. It was fun, but I was certainly glad to be heading home that night though, thats for sure!



Its been a little while since I’ve been a guest at a wedding as I usually tend to photograph them rather than relax. Today was the wedding of our friends Mike and Liz and thankfully the photography was already sorted so I could kick back and completely relax. Our only consideration was that the couple had requested no children, which is a much more common theme these days, as couples are spending so much money on their big day and don’t want everything to go as perfectly as possible. Kids can tend to be unpredictable, running up and down the church aisle, and sometimes even stroppy when it comes to group photos (there’s always one!), but I guess the big factor is that as weddings become more and more expensive, the seats become limited and a child, as nice as it would be to have them there, is taking up a seat that another friend or family member could have. I know with our wedding, we had a very limited number of seats available for the meal and a huge list of people that we wanted to invite that we just didn’t have the room for, and you have to be fairly brutal in your selection process. Some people, as much as you’d love them there, are never going to get an invite as you just don’t have any seats left! Yes, there is the consideration that some may be offended by not being invited, but when your seats are full, they’re full, and everyone thats there has to be there for a reason. We were both very grateful to be invited to this wedding for the day, and it was lovely to be a part of their ceremony, watching them start the journey of building their future together. I was especially grateful that Clare was feeling a bit better today, enough to be able to join me. I wasn’t concerned about going alone, as I had a lot of friends going, but the fact was I really wanted my wife there, as primarily I didn’t want her missing out as well as the fact that I can tend to get a bit sentimental at weddings and its nice to have her there when I think back to how magical our big day was.

The service was in a lovely church in Birminghams Jewellery quarter with the wedding party moving on afterwards to Moxhull Hall Hotel for the meal and evening reception. Even with all the weddings I’ve photographed, I have never been to this particular hotel before, although I had heard its name mentioned many times, and it didn’t disappoint. The hotel looked amazing, the grounds were a wedding photographers dream and the food was spectacular, on top of which there was plenty of it. All too frequently fancy hotels present fancy schmancy food which tends to leave the majority of the plate empty and yeah yeah I get the whole quality over quantity thing, but when its got to 5pm and you’ve only had a piece of toast all day, you certainly don’t want a half empty plate of posh food making you wish you’d stopped off for a McDonalds on the journey over from the church.

It was a wonderful day, spent with a lot of friends, knowing that Olivia was happy being looked after by Clare’s parents. It meant that we couldn’t stay over at this lovely hotel, but at least we didn’t have to rush back early. The evening featured a live band, and even a burger stand, as well as plenty of wine on the tables to keep everyone happy. We went home feeling like we’d had a great day that will be remembered by everyone for a long time to come!



Todays post really can’t be a long one, its getting late again, its been a really full day and I need to get to bed. I am in serious need of some sleep! I am committed though, and won’t let a day pass without filling in this blog, its what I promised myself I would do. I have managed it through being in other countries, the birth of my daughter, the death of my aunt, being out on a stag do, not having a computer or camera handy, and so far haven’t missed a single day!

I didn’t even have a photo for today until I started typing, but a good old black and white selfie has saved the day! I quite like it personally, it has a dramatic feel to it!

I woke up this morning feeling much better for a good nights sleep, and ready to face the day, although I didn’t have to face cycling just yet. I still had the minibus and was able to drive into work, leaving a little earlier to avoid too many rush hour traffic issues. I had started my Clean 9 programme again this morning, the last one went really well, but it had been a few months, and after a summer of bbq’s, mid-week beers and nowhere near enough exercise I needed to give my body a bit of a cleanse and a boost. It felt good, and my body will thank me for it at the end of the course. At the end of the day I jumped on my bike, now the bus was back at work, and cycled home. The weather forecast for the end of September is looking like it might be warm and dry, so hopefully some comfortable cycling although I will need to get kitted up for the wet weather again soon!

This evening was the first of our team business presentations at head office, and I was taking a couple of friends with me who didn’t drive, but wanted to see the presentation. A few of us in the team were a little nervous as we were getting up to talk at some point, but it went fine, everyone did really well. I must take this opportunity to thank my wife for being so patient and understanding when I am out doing things like this, I will make up for it!

Now it is time to get to bed! Night all!



Friday was the wedding of my friend Ross and his beautiful fiancée Amy, and I was very grateful to have been asked to photograph it. The night before I had gone through the usual routine of making sure all my memory cards were clean and all my batteries were charged, as well as checking that all my kit was where I needed it to be. What I hadn’t expected after going to bed was to be replacing “sleep” with “being sick all night”. With the last thing I ate being the pizza loaded with meat, I can only put it down to that! I think I actually spent longer in the bathroom than I did in bed, and it was far from what I needed the night before a wedding! On the morning I was feeling as you’d expect, a little bit like a train had hit me, but with little choice, I had to battle on and so loaded up the car with my gear. The morning went well, with the preparations all being very relaxed, and everyone being fully understanding of my weak and feeble state today. With only a couple of showers here and there, the majority of the day was dry and pleasant and everything went without a hitch. I was given a meal and was very grateful for a bit of food by the time we all sat down to eat. I felt like the longest wedding day ever, but I still enjoyed it and had no intention of missing it, and eventually my time had come to head home. There wasn’t a huge amount of time between arriving home and being tucked up, and I was asleep almost straight away. I have never needed a good nights sleep quite like I did last night!

Often when I photograph a wedding I will include a photo of the bride, although this time I decided to feature a portrait of my friend Ross, the groom as I quite like how this portrait of him turned out.



A really unfortunate start to today, needing energy and focus for todays wedding, but was for some reason awake at 5:30am and unable to get back to sleep. Maybe something to do with the heat overnight, very warm and stuffy even with the bedroom windows open, but it could also be something to do with all the chinese I’d eaten and beer I’d drunk last night, after detoxing for a week and a half.

Still today was the day my friends Gareth and Donna got married, I was doing the photos, and tired or not, I needed to be up, showered and ready to get out of the house! The weather was on our side today, and the sun was shining down. Which does take a lot of pressure off the day. The day itself went well, although there wasn’t a huge amount of time for photos, but I did my best given the time available, and everyone seemed to have a good time. My legs and feet were very tired by the end of it, and I was glad to get home and rest them finally.

Weddings can be great days, but they can be long and demanding, and worst of all, I’ve missed my little girl today. She was in bed long before I got home. Extra cuddles needed tomorrow!



Its late, and the weekend is now over, but I still have this to finish as I don’t think I’ll have much free time on Monday! So why am I up typing so late? Well its pretty much been a full on day since I got up, where I left the house early to meet my friend for a run around the reservoir. It was a slightly shorter run than usual, for him because a recent back injury was starting to hurt, but for me because I was literally running out of time before todays main feature, the wedding I was due to photograph. It was the sister of an old school friend of mine, a girl I have known for… oh my, 24 years… where does the time go? There was just time for a quick shower, before ironing my shirt and throwing my stuff in the car. I arrived in plenty of time, which I always like to do so that I can relax into the day a bit and run through a mental checklist of things to do, rather than rushing and being on the back foot all day. The wedding preparations went well, and the forecast for rain seemed to be disappearing by the minute as there was nothing but blue sky and sunshine with the odd white fluffy cloud outside the window. The ceremony and rest of the afternoon went very smoothly, and the rather brief 30 second few spots of rain did little to affect anyones mood as they were over before most people even noticed, and the blue sky and sunshine was soon back out. Todays photo was the lovely flower girl at the wedding, and although a little shy at the start of the day, soon warmed to having the camera pointing at her! After the band started and the first dance was done, it was time for me to head home and see the wife and spend a little time watching the British Grand Prix recorded from this afternoon, and then suddenly, its time for bed. What a day!

Day 299/365

“The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast.”


After treating myself to a couple of beers last night, I spent most of today feeling exhausted. We had a lovely start to the day when more family came to visit, Gary and Margarita brought their little baby daughter over, who was absolutely gorgeous with her dark hair and dark eyes, and they brought some beautiful gifts with them for Olivia. We had a spot of lunch and a lovely catch up, as we don’t see them very often and a few hours disappeared in a flash! With no plans for the rest of the day, I made the most of a quiet couple of hours and put my feet up for a bit. As evening started to set in, I remembered I still needed to pick up more loft boards from B&Q, and picked up a few bits for dinner while I was out. I stopped off and grabbed this photo before I headed home, this cinema has been here for years, with a variety of different company names over its doors, and it never seems busy, yet it never closes down! Glad i’m home again now, the weather has turned again, much like it did last night, strong gales and pouring rain after a reasonably calm day. Still, after cooking what I think may have been one of my best chilli’s, its time to put my feet up again with a glass of rioja, and a good film with the wife!

Day 250/365

“Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.”


It was a really pleasant surprise when an old childhood friend caught up with me and asked me to photograph her wedding, I met up with the couple and discussed the days details and knew that this would be a lovely, relaxed day. I also knew that it would be after our baby’s due date, but figured that our new baby should be at least 2-4 weeks old, we simply had no idea she would be just 2 days old when the wedding rolled around. Still, I couldn’t let them down, and I was lucky enough to have the parents visiting the wife and baby while I was out today, to offer any help, and of course cuddle the baby, so I knew the wife wouldn’t be on her own! The wedding was lovely, and I wish all vicars were that easy going! The weather had threatened showers at some point, although the only shower came when everyone was sat down inside eating, which really didn’t make any difference to us. It was a great day until I got home and realised I had got a suitcase from the bride full of her and her grooms clothes, so getting home at a decent time was of no benefit when I had to drive all the way home

Baby slept fairly well all last night, although has slept all day today, so who knows what sort of night we’re going to have tonight! Just wanted to thank everyone who reads this for their messages of support, we have been totally overwhelmed and have not been able to reply to everyone individually. Thanks to you all though!

Day 249/365

“A man is not complete until he has seen the baby he has made.”


My little princess is home and what a day it has been! I thought I might be coming home alone again this evening, but thankfully we convinced the doctor to discharge the wife a day early. I couldn’t help but take a photo of my daughter now she is home and in her moses basket! I promise this blog won’t suddenly become exclusively dedicated to photos of my new little girl, as tempting as it may be for me, but she does look beautiful! We have been totally overwhelmed with lovely comments from people, so much so that I just haven’t been able to reply to everyone on an individual basis, and the site stats for this blog have totally gone through the roof, it has been amazing, I never expected such a response! Tiredness has already started to set in though, as we missed an entire nights sleep the day she was born, but she is sleeping a lot at the moment, so maybe we can catch a few hours here and there?! I had to pop out today and leave the wife and daughter at the hospital so I could pick up a newborn coat as it was significantly cooler than yesterday. Buying baby clothes in Next isn’t something I will be doing on a regular basis though, I don’t earn enough! When I got back we still didn’t have confirmation we could go home yet, so I made it my mission to track down the doctor who could discharge us, and get an answer out of him one way or another. After we got the thumbs up, we packed everything in a hurry and made for the car. After popping to the shops on the way back and picking up a few bits (and totally not showing my baby daughter off to absolutely everyone, honest!), we then headed for home to introduce our little girl to where we live and her new home. She was so thrilled she slept through the whole thing! Sadly the timimg of everything means that I have to photograph a wedding on our baby’s first full day at home, but thankfully Nanny and Grandad are just around the corner and will be only too happy to see her again, so the wife won’t be on her own! Now to get those batteries on charge ready for the morning…

Day 237/365

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”


Due date + 4 and still waiting, nuthin’ happ’nin!

Dinner with the in laws today and got to watch the Belgian Grand Prix without junior making their appearance! Result! So with the wedding and Spa F1 out of the way this weekend, there are few distractions to keep us occupied in the wait for the baby to arrive. I did get to meet up with an old friend that I grew up with today, who is getting married in two weeks and has asked me to photograph the big day, always a real privilege when a friend asks. It was so lovely to catch up with her, as its been quite a few years since we used to play together as kids. I’m really looking forward to the wedding!

I thought yesterdays wedding favours, as pictured above, were a lovely gift, although the wife has been harassing me for some of mine now she’s finished hers! I’m sorry, but “baby wants some” doesn’t quite cut it!

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