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Day 049 – So much to do, so little weekend!

Day 49 – May 5th

Ah, the sweet smell of Friday! Nothing like being home nice and early with my girls. The sun is shining, and even though there is a bit of a breeze, its a lovely ride home on the motorbike… well, apart from the usual idiots and BMW drivers on the road that present the usual challenges!

If there is one part of my day that is better than the rest, its the bit when I pull up at home and stick my head in the window to surprise everyone. It used to be that Olivia was excited to see me when I got home, although now she can barely tear herself away from Paw Patrol enough to get out of her seat, I sometimes wonder if shes already 13! Today I got home and found Clare holding Chloe up to the window, she was so excited to see me that I thought she was going to burst! What a lovely welcome home, I’ll take that! 

We spent a bit of time in the garden shortly after I got in, its lovely to see the girls play together and watching Chloe’s walking develop. 


365 update: days 76 – 83

Blimey! How quickly do the days fly by when you get a little bit distracted? I have fallen way behind with these updates now, as it has been a busy few days, and I need to get caught up. At home there are many distractions, a toddler and a baby can easily keep your hands full, and by the time we have a couple of hours to ourselves in the evening, I am usually too tired to type anything coherent! At work the term has finally ended and Easter has now been and gone, leaving a trail of chocolate behind, and the temptation to be a terrible parent and eat all the kids chocolate, making promises to replace it at a later date, or justifying it by saying that “they really don’t need that much chocolate” is tough. Well it is if you’re a chocoholic like me!

76: With just a couple of days left of the term, its still hectic at work and not much quieter at home. There are days when getting a photo every single day can be tricky and completing a 365 project can seem like a mission impossible, but this is the work horse I have already completed two of them on. I just need to get a bit more creative over the remaining 9 months.

Day 76 - Mar 22nd

Day 76 – Mar 22nd

77: I came home from work feeling relieved, the last day with the kids, as the following day was a staff training day. The wife was at home with the girls, and I was looking forward to seeing them all. I was soon aware that the wife was ushering Olivia into the living room to show off the easter bonnet that her nanny had made for her, and when I picked up the camera to take a quick photo, as I so often do, I didn’t expect what happened next. As I raised the camera and asked her to look at it, she suddenly, out of nowhere and without prompting gave us jazz hands and said “ta-daaaah!!”. Where on earth has she got ta-dah from?? It kept us laughing for a while!

Day 77 - Mar 23rd

Day 77 – Mar 23rd

78: Time to do something a little different, I’m feeling inspired! I had picked one of the chillies I’d grown last year, and after being sat on the window sill, it had begun to turn see through. I wanted to shoot it against a plain white background, with the flash behind it to emphasize this, and I think the effect worked. Which reminds me, I need to get this years chilli seeds planted pronto!!

Day 78 - Mar 24th

Day 78 – Mar 24th

79: The milk feeding process seems to have fallen into a bit of a routine now, and its making the day easier to plan and it means we can work out a system for bedtime. Although Chloe is still being sick a lot. How much is too much, and when do they stop being sick all the time? I didn’t get involved in the feeds much today as I’d been given a pass out for the release date of Batman vs Superman at the cinema where I was joining some friends to see the film following a five guys burger. A whole day of not cooking as we’d also been out for lunch with friends and tried Wagamamas for the first time too. How have we not been there before?

Day 79 - Mar 25th

Day 79 – Mar 25th

80: Saturday, and again we weren’t cooking as we were heading over to a friends for lunch. A very pleasant couple of hours, but we had to rush home as the wife had a friend heading over to spend couple of hours at our house. She’d brought with her some eggs for the girls, and Olivia had her own personalised chocolate egg.

Day 80 - Mar 26th

Day 80 – Mar 26th

81: Easter Sunday, and the only plan for the day is heading over to the in-laws for lunch to join with the brother in law and his family joining us too. Olivia loves playing with her cousins and needed no entertaining from us at all. She’d dressed up lovely for the day, and I was betting on her not looking like that when we got home! It wasn’t psrticularly easy getting a photo today as it was surprisingly windy when we stepped outside, but I persevered.

Day 81 - Mar 27th

Day 81 – Mar 27th

82: Bank holiday monday, and its off to the swimming baths with Olivia for a quick splash with some friends and their daughter. One thing I am conscious of, is making sure that after getting trigger happy on the camera with the first born, there wasn’t just 5 photos of baby number 2 because of the age old concept that you don’t put quite as much effort in for the second one. I want to make sure I capture all of Chloe growing up, just like I did with Olivia. She doesn’t seem very excited about the fact though.

Day 82 - Mar 28th

Day 82 – Mar 28th

83: Trainers, shorts, running top and gps… check! All set to join my friend for a run around the reservoir. We used to go almost every weekend, but haven’t run for a few months. I have been keen to get back into it, but keep putting it off, as it never seems like the right time. The weather was glorious, sunshine and blue sky, and we did 6.1 miles before heading back to the car. Not long after getting home and enjoying a nice soak in a hot bath to relax my leg muscles, I watched the grey clouds head over and the downpour started. It suddenly wasn’t a day for a picnic blanket in the park any more!

Day 83 - Mar 29th

Day 83 – Mar 29th

The 365 project: days 64 – 69

The project continues, and as recent parenting would dictate, I am behind by a few days yet again. So now I am trying to catch up before bed whilst watching the very funny Celebrity Juice Live Special on tv after just watching Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special in the run up to the start of the Formula 1 season, which starts with Free Practice on Friday ahead of the first race in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday morning. Its fair to say that I am more than just a little excited, although setting the alarm for 4am doesn’t appeal great, but the bacon sandwiches and cups of tea will make up for it!

Its not often I actually sit down and watch much tv, in fact most evenings I’d be just as happy to turn the tv off altogether. The evenings viewing is usually dictated by the wife, and we clearly have very different ideas about what makes good tv, but tonight has proved to be entertaining viewing for a change. The only frustrating aspect is that this has all been on terrestrial tv and the small fortune that I am paying Sky each month really doesn’t seem to have been great value for money this evening! Alas, such is life!

So where did we get to with the 365 project, well its hardly been ground breaking photography, but it is a documentary of recent events. Many people undertake 365 projects all the time, but there are no rules apart from taking a photo every day. Your project is your own and any rules around it are those you impose yourself. I want my project to be a mix of documentary photos, to be able to look back on the whole year and see my girls growing up, mixed in with some more tricky photos that will take a bit more thought and effort where I have to push myself a bit and try something new.

64: A day where not many photos end up getting taken, but it is bin night, so while I am out there I grab my camera and wide angle lens and grab this. I like the way the lens distortion creates the converging lines, and the black and white aspect removes the distracting orange glow from the street lights allowing your eyes to follow the road.

Day 64 - March 10th

Day 64 – March 10th

65: As our newest little lady turns five weeks old, she is becoming more alert and aware of what and who is around her. I think there is something really lovely about a photo with a real small depth of focus to bring attention to the eyes, and even more so when you remove the colour and therefore remove any distractions. Black and white really allows you to see what is going on in a photo, colour can take some of the focus away from a scene.

Day 65 - March 11th

Day 65 – March 11th

66: Saturday we were meeting our antenatal friends so that the little ones could enjoy a morning of soft play. It was nice to see them playing together and burning off a bit of energy, although it was a little dark and rather chaotic in there, so I didn’t take many photos. The session was over before we knew it so I suggested we head out for a walk in the park. Whilst most of the couples were busy afterwards, one of them came with us so our girls could play together and a lovely afternoon in the sunshine was had by all!

Day 66 - March 12th

Day 66 – March 12th

67: Another fine day, the weather was mild and pleasant. After taking Olivia swimming in the morning I had arranged to meet some friends at the local park with their little ones in the afternoon. I hate to waste good weather by staying indoors, especially when we haven’t been getting out enough lately. At the park it was a chance to take advantage of some natural light and get a nice shot of Olivia. In her first year I tried to get a photo most days, as they change so much in the first 12 months, but now I am trying to take less “snaps”, and more portraits that are worth framing.

Day 67 - March 13th

Day 67 – March 13th

68: The new bouncer chair that we bought for Chloe turned out to a bit of a disappointment, as she always looked uncomfortable in it and it never seemed to relax her. So I went into the loft and dug out Olivia’s old bouncer chair, and after dusting it down and putting the cover through the wash, it was as good as new. Chloe was instantly much happier in it!

Day 68 - March 14th

Day 68 – March 14th

69: A similar image to yesterday, but less of a snapshot. With my 85mm portrait lens still fixed on my camera, I want to get a nice portrait shot of Chloe while she is sat in the bouncer again and happy. The screaming, although still regular, is becoming less frequent, and we are starting to see the beginning of some smiles here and there. This makes it far easier to take nice photos of her, as I don’t really want to capture all the screaming red faces. We had so many early photos of Olivia, particularly in the first three months, she was a placid baby which made it easy, but with Chloe being upset so frequently . 

Day 69 - March 15th

Day 69 – March 15th

So thats the project up to day 69, more to follow soon. What have you been photographing recently?

The 365 project: days 48-50

Well the 365 project continues, but there is one thing that must come to an end, and that’s my relentless eating and consequent weight gain. Its fair to say it has been a somewhat distracting couple of months, which all started in the run up to christmas. For me, the festive period is a time to relax, ease up on the exercise, and generally eat and drink pretty much what I like, with the intention of burning it off when spring arrives. Unfortunately soon after the new year I was ill for a couple of weeks and in no real shape to be running or cycling, so I put all the exercise on hold. Then, pretty much as soon as I’d recovered it was the run up to the due date for baby number 2!

In the aftermath of a newborn, especially with a toddler running around distracting you, there are frequently evenings where you just cannot be bothered to cook. We totally caved in and took advantage of the Just Eat app on our phones, takeaway heaven! It was all good, but boy am I paying for it now!

So the time has come to dust off my trusty myfitnesspal app, and admit that something needs to change rapidly before I find myself heading off to the shops to depressingly refit my entire wardrobe with all new clothes in the next size up! I need to be banning all the snacks, and other calorie laden treats, especially and specifically the biscuits, crisps, beer and chocolate! 

Its fair to say I have surprising will power when I need it, and can stick at pretty much anything when I put my mind to it… except healthy eating it would appear. I have a real weakness for snacks, especially when I have just walked in from cycling my bike home from work and feel an instant craving for the sugary goodness that lines the biscuit tin! Giving in to it in a moment of weakness is all too easy, especially when you keep all that crap in your cupboards!
I have to remember that I have both my daughters christening and my 40th birthday to look forward to this year (still trying not to think about the 40th!) and I do not want to look back on those and be thinking about how fat I look in the photos! Time to get my ass in gear!

Anyway, more about that another time, on with the 365…

48: There have been some beautiful viewings of the moon recently, the skies have been clear and the air has been cold. Winter is a great time of year for star gazing, and there is a whole genre of photography dedicated to it. I’d love to take more photos of the stars, but I am not sure what kind of market there would be for those. I captured this shot of the moon with my 70-200mm lens on a cropped sensor camera, but still had to crop into the photo to get this.

Day 48 - Feb 23rd

Day 48 – Feb 23rd

49: One thing we haven’t been short of recently is flowers around the house. One thing we have been short of is vases to put them all in!I lose track of when the different bunches arrived, but this particular one doesn’t seem to be doing so well, I was wondering if the cold was affecting it as it was so close to the window? I still thought it would make a good shot anyway.

Day 49 - Feb 24th

Day 49 – Feb 24th

50: Clearly the wife has been food shopping and I need to rethink snack time, maybe a nice healthy apple would be a better alternative to biscuits!

Day 50 - Feb 25th

Day 50 – Feb 25th

The 365 project: days 46 & 47

Days 46 & 47 of the 365

46: The final day at home before returning to work since the arrival of Chloe, and Olivia is playing the role of big sister very well, she seems to enjoy having a little sister around, even if she does pull a few funny faces while doing it. Its lovely to see all the curls that she has going on, especially as we had been swimming in the morning and leaving the hair to dry only seems to add more curls!

Day 46 - Feb 21st

Day 46 – Feb 21st

47: Day one of returning to work all done, and just glad to be home again with my ladies. After a very grumpy Sunday, Chloe seems to have had a much better day, although we have made the decision to try Infacol to see if any hint of colic is causing her to be so upset. It was nice to see her so relaxed today, as last night was pretty difficult for us, and as easy as we’ve had things so far, the relentless crying is draining on your sanity!

Day 47 - Feb 22nd

Day 47 – Feb 22nd

More to come soon!

The 365 project: days 41 – 45

The next instalment of 365 photos, days 41 to 45, for your viewing pleasure.

41: Its a shot I love taking and have taken many times, including a shot of Olivia when she was newborn, its one I’d kick myself for if I forgot to take. It is the black and white close up shot of Chloe holding her mothers finger, having the adult finger helps to establish the contrast in size. One day soon those tiny little fingers won’t look so tiny any more, we’ll wonder where the time has gone and wish we’d done something to help us remember it!

Day 41 - Feb 16th

Day 41 – Feb 16th

42: The never ending corridor. Well,  it does end, eventually. This was taken when I was visiting my friend, on the link bridge between the new hospital and the old hospital, which I didn’t even realise was still standing. I knew this was my shot as soon as I turned the corner, and thankfully it stayed empty long enough for me to get the shot without me looking a bit weird!

Day 42 - Feb 17th

Day 42 – Feb 17th

43: As has proved a common feature over the last two weeks, another day spent at home waiting for people to visit. Today it was some of the wife’s work friends turning up for tea and biscuits. I had two choices, either sit feeling slightly awkward amongst a room full of nattering women and listen to their ramblings, or simply stay out of the way and find something else to do. I obviously chose the latter, and hid myself away upstairs. As they’d stayed a little longer than I had anticipated, I didn’t have much time to head out and take any photos, but found this shot of some flowers on the windowsill looking lovely in the sunlight.

Day 43 - Feb 18th

Day 43 – Feb 18th

44: When the day is drawing to an end and you know you have barely touched your camera, its already dark outside and most people are in bed, what do you do? Stop looking for a model and BE the model! Nothing wrong with a silly selfie once in a while.

Day 44 - Feb 19th

Day 44 – Feb 19th

45: I’ve been a Canon shooter for years now, but my wonderful 5D is getting on a bit, and as these things don’t last forever I had to look at a new camera, the Fuji X-T1, which has the added advantage of being smaller and lighter, and also works with my lights and radio triggers. I took this shot with the new camera and placed the flash on the fireplace at the side of the room.

Day 45 - Feb 20th

Day 45 – Feb 20th

I can’t wait for spring to roll around so we can get outside a little more and get a few outdoor photos. The 365 project is fun, but shooting outdoors opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

365 – days 22 to 25

Its over, our final weekend of being a three person family is done! Next weekend there will be four of us! What a week it is going to be!

The weekend wasn’t marked in any special way, with the wife being as pregnant and large as she is, with just a few days left to go, she’s easily exhausted and currently not inspired to do much.

We did make it over to see my mother and visit the wifes parents too, I also made sure I found time to take my daughter swimming as I am not sure when we’ll next get chance. She has found a new confidence in the water, so I am trying to take her as often as I can at the moment, but the logistics of working around a toddler and a newborn hasn’t yet kicked in. Life is about to get a little bit manic, and we soon won’t be able to give her the 100% attention she has been used to. We are going to have to make sure we do all we can to not make her feel left out.

One thing the wife has been filling her time with is a bit of baking at home, and I came home from work on Thursday to be greeted by the smell of freshly baked cupcakes. This usually means that sadly they are either being taken to work, and hence I don’t get a look in, or the cakes are for a church sale and yet again I don’t get a look in, or the wife has friends coming round and I don’t get a look in. With the wife being on maternity leave, no-one due to visit, and no church fete anytime soon I was pleased to find out that she had baked them to pass the time and I could tuck in! Result!

Day 22 - Jan 28th

Day 22 – Jan 28th

I love Friday, I always get home an hour earlier than the rest of the week. Apart from seeing my daughter for an hour longer, the other big bonus is getting home in daylight and being able to grab a few photos outside. I figured I haven’t taken a portrait shot of my daughter in a few weeks (I always wanted to get regular shots for the first few years) and so here was my chance to head outside for a few minutes and get a few photos. She has really got the idea of posing for the camera now, which makes the job a little easier.

Day 23 - Jan 29th

Day 23 – Jan 29th

Saturday found me handing more money over to my daughter. She is too young to grasp the concept of pocket money, or what to do with it, but she knows that coins are supposed to go in her money box, regardless of who they belonged to before she got her hands on them! I am often finding change has gone missing from the side of my bed, but I don’t mind. Its nice to know that she is getting into the habit of saving it in her money box though, who knows how much she’ll have when the time comes to spend it?!

Day 24 - Jan 30th

Day 24 – Jan 30th

Sunday was one of those days where I didn’t get much chance to get the camera out, but figured that as she is growing up so fast I’d want to remember the last few days of her being in a cotbed, as the wife reads her a bedtime story. I know that it is only a matter of weeks, or a couple of months at best now before she ends up in a proper bed and we hand the cotbed over to the new baby. It will be the final transition of our little baby becoming a big girl, which is why I have taken so many photos along the way (far too many, I know!). They are only little for a such a short while, and looking back there are so few photos of me growing up, which really saddens me, but in hindsight has made me treasure each and every photo that I do have. There is still a valid argument for quality over quantity, and more photos doesn’t mean better memories. Its easy to get carried away in this digital age though, and end up with hard drives full of thousands of photos that never get looked at, which is why I have taken to printing our favourites over the last few months, ready to put in albums. We’ve already had some fun looking through the prints that have arrived, at things we’d forgotten about.

Day 25 - Jan 31st

Day 25 – Jan 31st

So what is the current new baby news? Well its Monday night now and on Wednesday morning we’re up early to head into hospital to find out what time our slot is for the operation to have the baby airlifted out. It has been nice to know when the baby will actually be here, it takes away the uncertainty a bit and makes it easier to plan for. I’m feeling excited and nervous all at the same time, and I don’t think the reality of what is about to happen really kicks in until you are holding that baby in your arms. Then sh** gets real!

We’ve done pretty much all we can to plan and prepare for this, and there are still a few bits to do around the house, but nothing that can’t wait a few more days. I guess I should be getting my man bag ready to take into hospital with a few essentials in, but being men we don’t need much, my camera and some lunch will probably do it. There won’t be a huge amount of waiting around to contend with, and once the baby is here, the parents will turn up, with our daughter in tow. So forget all that talk of books, magazines and ipods, those days of having free time and not knowing that to do with it are long gone! Now we are more concerned with where the time has gone, than what to do with it!

That cost HOW much?

With the arrival of your first baby comes a wave of chaos, the great unknown, self doubt being exaggerated by a lack of sleep and rational thought. Your world turns upside down in mere minutes and is never to be the same again.

Then somehow you seem to find a bit of confidence along the way, you start getting your shiz together and life starts to gain a little bit of order… only a little bit mind, you have created a mini monster that is somehow under the impression that they are somehow running the show, no matter how much you attempt to convince them otherwise! A Saturday morning lie in is still nothing but a mere fantasy at the moment, and getting out of the house till doesn’t seem to have got any quicker, in fact probably quite the opposite!

Regardless, there does seem to be a certain element of order and routine to life… and then suddenly number two arrives!

Now anyone who knows us or has been reading this will know that our new number two isn’t actually here yet. If all goes according to plan then we are about a week out, and trying to prepare ourselves for it. What changes can we expect from not just having a newborn in the house again, but having a newborn AND two year old in the house? How will they interact? How will they get on? What if the new one is the exact opposite and never sleeps or always cries, or both? What if our first becomes insanely jealous and turns into a mini terrorist? What if we find we didn’t actually have good parenting skills the first time around and we just got lucky, and we’re actually rubbish parents who’ve successfully managed to wing it so far? I guess time will tell.

The preparation is almost complete now, after initially becoming a little complacent and not realising how little time we had left before we began to get anything ready. We have bottles and milk ready, the car seat and pram is also ready. We have clothes and nappies ready and waiting, and also some appropriately coloured clothing ready that we are keeping well hidden. We’ve kept the sex hidden for all this time, and if anyone found out before my mother, I can imagine that I suddenly wouldn’t be very popular any more.

It is nice to know that we can still use so much stuff again for a second time, as a lot of it doesn’t seem to get much use the first time around, and it is so easy to part with a small fortune if you are not prepared, simply haven’t done your research, or are so happy to part with your cash that you will literally buy anything and everything that you are told to, by every supplier who tries to convince you that their equipment is simply “must have, if you truly love your child”! When we were preparing for our first we really had to give ourselves a bit of a reality check now and again to make sure we were both in agreement of what we did or didn’t need. Some things seemed instantly appealing, but pausing for a moment and thinking ” do we REALLY need that?” or “when are we actually likely to use that?” meant we didn’t end up buying a ton of junk that we a) didn’t need and b) didn’t have room for. I think the majority of people like us realise that it’s nice to have new things along the way for your new little one, but there is no point breaking the bank, or putting yourself into debt for flashy stuff you simply do not need. So using some of things we bought for our first child again makes them seem even better value for money and even justified some of the stuff we purchased new.  I was speaking to a friend only recently who spent more on just the pushchair/travel system alone than we spent on absolutely everything we bought for our daughter, including bedroom furniture and clothing. It comes as no surprise that in hindsight they are now regretting it considering how little use it got, but it is still so easily done. In fact when we were looking into buying ours I nearly fell over when I saw some of the price tags, and could not see a reason that justified the extra cost of some of them, other than a brand name!

In reality, having a new baby doesn’t need you to remortgage the house or take up drug dealing to finance it, it can be done in a modest budget. We didn’t spend a fortune, and could certainly have done it even cheaper than we did.

What do you regret throwing money at when you shopped for your baby?

Take a look around you

Take a look around you… what do you see? What is it that you hold dear to you?

I’m not talking about the shiny new 2 litre turbo diesel car on your drive, or the brand new top spec iPhone, and I am not concerned if your surround sound Blu Ray player has bluetooth or wifi connectivity. None of this stuff really matters in the grand scheme of things.  These things fade, and they are easily and often very quickly replaced. What matters is the people around you, how much you care about them, and how much of a difference you can make in their lives. There is a famous and very important quote from the recently deceased Maya Angelou, who said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

How true this is, and how we need to remember it. I am always mindful around my daughter that she doesn’t see me on my phone too much, I never want her thinking that I am not paying attention, or that my phone is more important than her. I know my wife does far more around the house than I do, and I like to say thank you from time to time, just to let her know that I do appreciate these things, even if she thinks I haven’t noticed.

So, what do I hold dear? These two people…



This last week has just made me reflect on things a little, as I guess many people have. The recent massacres of Paris, and the less media covered deadly attacks in Lebanon, and of course the almost overlooked somali attacks in Kenya earlier in the year that left 147 university students dead, that for some reason just didn’t get the same media coverage that Paris did. All of these events were tragic and brutal, the logic behind them almost seems unfathomable, but we must not lose sight of the good that comes out of people who just want to help in those moments, in the forms of people risking and even losing their own lives to help, save and protect others. The security guard in Beirut, for example, that stood up and prevented a suicide bomber from entering a football stadium and killing hundreds of innocent people, and of course the name of a real hero that no-one should forget… Adel Termos, who made a split second decision to let go of his daughters hand and tackle a suicide bomber to the ground, and ended up losing his life in that brief moment, along with the life of the suicide bomber, and in doing so saving the lives of tens, if not hundreds of people who can live to see another day because of his sacrifice, and his family’s loss.

So what do you see around you? Do you have people who you would do anything for? Do you have friends and family that you love? Do you make the effort to keep in contact and call them? I think its a fairly accepted trait that none of us really keep in contact as much as we should do, or would like to, and yet keep bouncing around that same old excuse “but I’ve been so busy…”

Really? So busy with what? Are we all that busy that we can’t pick up the phone and make a call to someone that we haven’t seen in a while? Or are we suddenly facing the fact that due to how ingrained social media has become with our lives, we are now in contact with more friends than we’ve ever been used to talking to? I have a good circle of friends, and could maybe fire off twenty or so names without even thinking about it, even though I may not see some of these people for several months at a time.

Yet now with the likes of facebook, I suddenly have almost 400 people on my friend list. 400 people! How do you keep in touch with 400 people? Well, the simple fact is, I don’t. They may ‘like’ one of the many photos I put on of my daughter, and if I’m lucky I may even get a “happy birthday” once a year, but in reality I haven’t seen a lot of these people for years, if not decades, and possibly may never even see them in person again, yet I don’t have the heart to break the connection and ‘unfriend’ them.

I do like to consider myself one of those people who makes the effort though, and when the months begin to slip by, I will send out messages or make calls and try to arrange a get together of some kind, or a night out, especially as they seem to happen so rarely these days now that most of our friends, like us, have children. Children do make a wonderful distraction, but every now and again you have to relax, connect with people and remember who the person is behind the parent mask. It is still one of the best jobs I will ever have, being a parent to my wonderful daughter who continues to inspire me, and make me so proud and happy. 

Life moves up a gear, the next big announcement…

Anyone who knows me, or is at least friends with me on facebook, will have already heard this news by now. It has so far had a massive response from friends and family, and Clare and myself are over whelmed and very excited by it all.

After what has felt like an eternity, we can finally leave it up to our daughter to reveal our (not very well kept) secret…


Yes, that’s right, in case you hadn’t guessed, she is going to be a big sister in around 28 weeks time! We went in for our 12 week scan yesterday and can confirm that we have one apparently healthy and very active little wriggler in there! The wife was adamant that there was either a) a problem or b) twins, and we are very happy to say that neither of these is the case.

So yeah, if you thought you’d already seen enough baby photos on one blog to last you a lifetime, then you may want to unsubscribe or stop reading this… there are far more to come!

I’d like to thank all my friends, especially all those who have shared their love on facebook, as the response was immense. Your support has been truly appreciated, and Jr will be happy to meet you all when they get here in February!

Life is about to get hectic all over again!

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