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Project 365 week 9: Days 57 – 63

may 14
Day 57 – May 14th
Warm weather looks set to hang around for a while, and this little lady loves getting out in the garden at every opportunity, just like her sister. I am taking advantage of the warm nights and walking up to the gym rather than taking the car and getting stressed about the continual lack of parking spaces!

may 15
Day 58 – May 15th
I would say that its ice lolly weather at the moment, but this girl will eat one in the middle of winter if theres snow coming into the house and she can’t feel her fingers!

may 16
Day 59 – May 16th
The wife has thoughtfully bought some vanilla ice cream, but I am being good and refusing it as its gym night again. Need to burn those calories, not consume them. Signed up for the free classes at the gym, which I really hadn’t looked into previously, and as I am not running at the moment, body pump is my new favourite thing!

may 17
Day 60 – May 17th
Our weekly trip up Clent hills, and this week slightly warmer than the previous week thankfully. I even treated myself to a pre-birthday sausage, bacon and egg sandwich from the cafe once we were there! The whole area is so beautiful with all the bluebells out. Sometimes you have to remind yourself to put the camera down, and enjoy it with your own two eyes, not just through the 3″ screen on the back of a camera!

may 18
Day 61 – May 18th
Its my birthday, and although I have no choice in spending it at work, I can at least get out early and fly home to see the family. Dinner for four of us at Frankie & Bennys, followed by a cinema date night for the wife and I to see Deadpool 2 as we had a friend babysitting.

may 19
Day 62 – May 19th
A trip to my moms so she could see me for my birthday, and they could spend some time with the girls. On the night I had a friend over for a few drinks in the garden with the fire burning. A nice evening until I suddenly realised how drunk I had inadvertently become. Oops!

may 20
Day 63 – May 20th
Last day of my birthday weekend was not supposed to start with a hangover, but it did. Still enjoyed a picnic at the Botanical Gardens with some friends watching the children play together. Took the motorbike out afterwards to meet a new friend who is going to help me get into wedding videography by letting me help him at a wedding in a week or so. Finished the birthday weekend off with chinese takeaway. My wife is fantastic!


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