365 project

Week 5: Days 29 – 35

Back to work after two lovely weeks off always feels hard, but the weather had made the holidays a bit of a washout anyway. With much nicer weather promised for this week, it was at least something to look forward to, hell, if the forecast was to be believed it was even something to get a bit excited about!

Day 29 - Apr 16
Day 29 – Apr 16

At work, our window overlooks the neighbouring park, and for a couple of weeks the daffodils have been coming out.

Day 30 - Apr 17
Day 30 – Apr 17

A first for this particular project, I forgot to take a photo and had to make up for it the next day.

Day 31 - Apr 18
Day 31 – Apr 18

My nieces birthday, and a small party/family gathering at her house. The girls all love playing together, which is always nice to watch. I used to love playing with my cousins when I was growing up!

Day 32 - Apr 19
Day 32 – Apr 19

A rare treat, a day trip out at work with the pupils and we headed up to Clent hills, it was the first really sunny day of the spring and a day for shorts and t-shirts. Considering the amount of times I’ve walked over Clent, I still managed to find a new path I haven’t been along before!

Day 33 - Apr 20
Day 33 – Apr 20

I’d promised the wife that if the weather forecast was accurate then we’d be having a bbq on Friday night after work, the sun stayed out and I kept my word. Burgers and a can of San Miguel is a good way to see in the weekend!

Day 34 - Apr 21
Day 34 – Apr 21

We were expecting a little rain on Saturday, so it was my goal to cut the grass in the garden. Firstly I had a gym class to go to, while the wife took the girls to dance class. I managed to get to lawn finished just as a few spots appeared from the sky.

Day 35 - Apr 22
Day 35 – Apr 22

We has no plans for Sunday until a last minute arrangement with a friend meant we were off to Birmingham Botanical Gardens for the afternoon. It’s a lovely place, and even though I’ve been a few times before, I really had no idea that the actual gardens were anywhere near as big as they were. The girls had a great time exploring, and we even got talked into signing up for an annual pass!


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