Day 201 – Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower

Day 201 – Oct 4th

Happy hump day! Gotta love a Wednesday for giving you a bit of encouragement to make it to the weekend. I received a lovely text message from the wife while I was at work today, with a photo of the two girls while they were out on an Autumn Scavenger Hunt at the local woods with a list from nursery of things for Olivia to find and take back in. It sounds like they had a lot of fun hunting for leaves, twigs and acorns, autumn is definitely a time for getting outdoors and enjoying nature, especially when its nice and sunny out.

Consequently todays photo was Olivia checking off her list to make sure she has everything. She’s such a bright little spark, I just know she’d going to do great at school when she gets to start, but as she’ll possibly be one of the oldest in her class, I just hope she doesn’t end up getting bored. She is already reading numbers and writing her own name, and while I am aware that every parent believes they have created a young Einstein who is some sort of child prodigy, yet I am also aware that some kids arrive at school still not even toilet trained. I’m not one to judge, as they all have their own reasons, and quite frankly its none of my business, I just hope Olivia can end up in a class full of people who can inspire her and push her.


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