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Day 145 – You never know whats around the corner

Day 145 – Aug 9th

Sometimes its nice to enjoy a slow start to the day, where you’re not racing to throw yourself through the shower and leap out the front door leaving behind half of the things you should have taken with you because you’re rushing too much.

Our only commitment of the day was to meet one of Olivia’s nursery friends at soft play, a girl she hasn’t seen outside of the nursery setting before, so it was nice for her to have someone new to play with that she already knew. Soft play seems like the easy activity to do in poor weather, but it does have many advantages in developing gross motor skills, social skills, confidence, independence, and its also a chance to burn off a little energy.

We got home from soft play just in time to start dinner, and rather than let the girls just sit in front of the tv while dinner is cooked, I wanted to get them both involved, so we decided to make pizzas. The base was shop bought, they just had to choose and add their own toppings. As we stood to chop and prepare the toppings, the door went, it was the sister-in-law with the girls cousins. Thankfully we had four small pizza bases, so they decided to stop and join in with the pizza making. Pizza making was a hit, and in a short time we had four individualised pizzas served up. Entertainment and dinner all in one go!


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