365 project

Day 143 – plant the seed of friendship

Lydia Olivia
Day 143 – Aug 7th

With the six week holiday stretching out ahead of me at the end of July, the one thing I wanted to do with the wife was make some plans to take full advantage of the time off together. There were things we wanted to do, places we wanted to go, and people we wanted to see. Without plans, inevitably, some of these things just wouldn’t get done, and I’d be going back to work in September kicking myself for not being more organised.

Some of our plans were quite simple, catching up with various friends, days out walking or swimming, or a drive out somewhere nice. Anyone who has read this blog recently more than once will have noticed my grumbling about the poor and uncertain weather that we’ve been having lately. This means that some of the days out we have planned will just have to wait a little bit, and we need to add a few Plan B wet weather options to our list of plans.

We had no plans for today, the poor weather had again put some of our Plan A ideas on hold, and so happened to take a last minute chance and check in with the parents of one of Olivias’s nursery friends, and thankfully ended up meeting them at the soft play centre for a couple of hours of fun with the little ones.

This photo wasn’t planned, I was just trying to grab a picture of them both together, and when they turned around, out came one tongue, and then the other! Cheeky little devils.

Parents, what are you doing with your little ones over the summer… especially when its raining?


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