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Day 140 – Don’t assume you know everything

Day 140 – Aug 4th

The day I had been dreading, the first step towards my full motorbike license started today with my motorbike theory test. I had never done a theory test before, as they weren’t actually introduced until the year after I passed my driving test all those years ago. I’d done a practise of the theory test online when I signed up for it, and did okay, so I was fairly confident that my knowledge and 20 years experience of driving would be sufficient to get me through it. A little arrogant, or over confident maybe? You could say so, but I figured my road knowledge had always been quite strong.

The night before I decided to try the practice test again, and got a reasonable and sufficient score again, but then happened to notice all the training material that they had available to purchase, and suddenly wondered if I should have done more to prepare for this. Obviously the questions were going to be different on the day, and what if I knew none of them?? What if I not only failed, but did so in spectacular fashion?

Luckily a good portion of it is common sense, and so I managed to get through and pass it. Not with the same score I’d got on the practise, but it was sufficient all the same.

I headed home feeling much relieved and was pleased to see a little bit of sunshine. A chance to get a few more chores done inside the house and out, and continue sorting the garage out by taking stuff we no longer need to the tip. There has been a number of items that have been stored in there for various reasons that just haven’t been touched in the four years since we moved in, so it seems that being a little more ruthless is something I clearly need to work on.

By the afternoon the garage was starting to feel a little more spacious, although there is still work to be done, but at least it is considerably easier to walk through and bring things like garden wheelie bins through when we need to.

I decided to reward myself with a little time relaxing on our new garden furniture, as I hadn’t had much chance to take advantage of it before.

That evening I was dropped into town to catch up with some friends, the dads from our antenatal group, on one of our few nights out. Its so nice keeping up with this lovely group of people and watching the kids all grow up together.


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