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Day 135 – What is this “summer” you speak of?

Day 135 – Jul 30th

Well here we are, a week into the summer holidays, and after weeks of sunshine and dry weather, all we want now is some warm and dry weather to be able to head out and do nice things with the kids during the day. The weather today is grim and the forecast is for more of the same to come.

In the morning we were booked in to see Olivia’s key worker at nursery, for their equivalent of parents evening… which is now a parents morning to make it easier for parents who finish late during the week. Usually it is down to me to head down, as the wife is not entirely convinced that these meetings are essential while the children are so young, but I always enjoy going and chatting to the staff about Olivia’s progress all the same. This week I was busy sorting things out in the garden, and so Clare took Olivia and went to the meeting herself.

After a tip run to clear out the garden, it was another quiet afternoon at home. The heavens opened and no-one wanted to go anywhere anyway. Our plan to visit the in-laws was disrupted because of germs, it wouldn’t be fair of us to spread them around, so with nothing else planned, it was time to find a way to entertain the girls before bathtime and finally a takeaway once they were in bed.


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