Day 134 – I’m just waiting for the sun to come out

Day 134 – Jul 29th

Today was the final day of work being done on the garden, Leigh was dropping by to collect some tools and tie up a few loose ends. The new patio area in the garden was essentially finished though. We expected to have to wait in all day for the new garden furniture to be delivered, but thankfully it arrived first thing in the morning giving me the afternoon to assemble it all, once the garden was finished and Leigh had gone. It was a tricky job, as some of the parts didn’t quite line up, but with a little bit of encouragement and a few tools I had it all fitting eventually… after a lot of huffing and puffing and a little swearing! It took far longer than I had expected, but finally it was up and in place, and so it was time to test it out.

Its certainly comfortable enough to spend a few warm evenings on, with a glass of wine as we watch the sun go down, but I do want to add a few details to it. Firstly we’re hoping for a parasol to keep some of the sun off on really hot days, and I also want to invest in a chiminea to burn a few logs and keep us warm on the cooler nights.Before assembling the furniture I had been out to collect some firewood from someone who was going to hire a skip and throw it all out.


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