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Day 133 – When the children go quiet, its time to worry

Day 133 – Jul 28th

Yes, that’s black pen around her eye. Yes, she put that there herself. Friday, for the most part, was a quiet day at home, of which we’ve had a few this week, but work was recommencing in the garden and I had promised to be around to help with any heavy lifting, as our gardener Leigh had injured his knee last time he was here. As it turned out, he managed to get a lot of it done without any help from me. It meant a lot of time at home and trying to keep the girls entertained. Unfortunately Chloe is getting to that age now where you dare not take your eyes of her for a second, as she is bound to end up hurting herself, making a mess or breaking something!

The only real significant event of the day was that this evening an old school friend was coming over for dinner, someone I hadn’t seen for a number of months due to some personal circumstances on their behalf. I managed to cook up my personal favourite, I guess you could call it a signature dish, Milanese Chicken Risotto. Its not a hugely difficult dish to create, but it does take a little time, and is totally worth it. It seemed to go down well with three empty plates at the end of the evening. I enjoyed catching up with my friend over a few drinks, but unfortunately got slightly carried away, and stayed up a little too late, and drank a little too much. Its so easy to lose track when your catching up with friends. At least with entertaining at home, when your guests leave you can just crawl up the stairs into bed.


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