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Day 130 – Make plans, but be prepared to change them

130 - 236
Day 138 – Jul 25th

A surprisingly warm day to kick the six weeks holiday off with. After walking Olivia up to nursery the rest of the day was a little unplanned, something I didn’t want to be happening for the rest of the holidays, we need to sit down and start planning a few activities, days out and visits to see family & friends. There is plenty we can do, although I don’t want to fill every day up. We need days at home to rest and relax, they are just as important, providing that we’re getting out and doing things on our list.

I needed to pop back into work to collect something I’d left there, and also needed to visit one of my sisters to drop something off as well. As the wife was out doing the food shopping, I took the motorbike and felt like I’d nearly cooked myself, all wrapped up in protective clothing in the sunshine! It’s nice that in the middle of the day during the holidays, the roads are so quiet. I am definitely beginning to feel the restrictions of a 125cc motorbike now, and cannot wait to get my theory test out of the way next week, then I am one step closer to taking my full test and upgrading the motorbike to something with a bit more poke. I am not wanting to pull wheelies, or race cars along dual carriageways, or anything like that, but part of the bonus of being on two wheels is being able to do things like jump to the front of a queue and pull away when you need to, rather than the car behind you trying to squeeze past because you’re just not accelerating fast enough.

With the girls in bed, it wasn’t long before the wife headed up and I was left alone downstairs, so I figured I would treat myself to a little drink to being on holiday, and although I hadn’t ticked much off the to-do list today, I am confident we’ll get plenty done over the next few weeks. Just need to get a bit more practised in getting to bed early now!


2 thoughts on “Day 130 – Make plans, but be prepared to change them”

  1. Nice post 🙂 There’s a certain honesty (and eagerness) to your approach. There’s the to-do list (which lists the outings too) and there is – and will be – a conscious effort to stay home and relax. Hope you have wonderful next few weeks. Planning it and recording it on these blog posts is a great way to know where you’re now and where you wish to be. Best.


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