365 project

Day 128 – Bring friends and family together, lets celebrate

Isla baptism-6540
Day 128 – Jul 23rd

Its not often we get to go out as a family to celebrate an occasion other than a birthday party, especially as most of our friends are already married now. Today was the christening of my good friends little girl, and I had missed out on a night out with friends last night to make sure I was ready on time in the morning. The night out in question was in fact 80 miles away and would have required crashing over at a friends house, meaning I ran the risk of either over-sleeping, getting stuck in traffic, driving home with some alcohol still in my system, or worst case scenario… all three! Nights out with friends are a rare treat these days, but I couldn’t risk being late home.

As it was, already being home in the morning was nice, it meant not having to rush about, there was plenty of time for baths for the girls and showers for us. My aim was to get in the car earlier than we needed to be so that we could take our time and get there nice and early, which we managed to do, and it set us up nicely for a very relaxed day. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often!

The christening was a cosy little affair in a small village church, with a very friendly vicar who was very accepting of noisy children and people with cameras (which was mostly me) and so I managed to get a few nice shots, before we all retired to the community hall next door for tea and cakes, and a very tasty buffet.

By the end of the afternoon the girls were shattered and it came as no surprise that Olivia was asleep minutes after being in the car. Chloe somehow lasted until we got home, but then went down for a massive nap. To be honest, I could have done with one myself, with a chest infection and coughing fits waking me up at 6am for the third morning in a row! Damn germs!!


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