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Day 113 – Take time to remember who you are

Day 113 – Jul 8th

Up early on a Saturday morning (irony – there is no such thing when you have small children!) to take the car for more repairs, this time it was only something small, but not especially cheap considering, the size of the part and the time it took to fit it. The boot (trunk for anyone in the US) wouldn’t shut properly, and so with a new lock finally fitted, we could now carry on with the rest of the weekend.

Todays photo was took on the drive back home from the mechanic, a shot of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, or simply the QE as most people living in Birmingham know it as. Described as a super hospital when it was being built, this £545m monster, holding over 1200 beds and 32 theatres opened in 2010, and is easily visible from many parts of Birmingham. I always think the instantly recognisable exterior looks rather majestic and elegant and it always makes me smile when we drive past, as both our girls were born here, taking me back to afternoons spent pacing the corridors feeling extremely flustered!

I had wanted to grab a photo early on in the day, while I had the chance, as I was heading out into town to meet a couple of work friends for a burger and a few beers in the afternoon, and had no intention of taking my camera with me. Sure I could have got an interesting photo, but then again I also could have unintentionally had one too much drinks and either dropped my camera or left it somewhere!

It was nice to catch up with some old friends and some newer friends, as I don’t get much chance to socialise with work colleagues, but a few drinks in the afternoon was easy to do. With the expansion of the school I work in, we have so many more staff and I don’t always get to hear about nights out, as they often tend to happen in smaller groups rather than big staff nights out like they used to be, back in the early days, when it was a much smaller place to work. I just had to make sure I didn’t overdo things this afternoon, as I intended to get home before the girls went to bed, and didn’t want to turn up in a bit of a state. Drunk daddy isn’t a good look! The weekends are about spending time as a family, especially to spend time with the girls, and I already felt a little guilty for ditching them in favour of an afternoon drink with friends, I didn’t need to feel guilty about coming home clearly drunk, that I can save for when the girls are fast asleep in bed! I was lucky enough to get a lift in from my wonderful wife, saving me the effort of catching a bus or having to call a taxi, but she really excelled herself and even came out to pick me up when I was ready to leave. Its nice to feel supported when, in fact, I felt like I should perhaps have been at home spending time with the girls instead. I have the best wife!


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