365 project

Day 111 – When you think you can’t, remember why you do

Day 111 – Jul 6th

Weather forecast: unbearable heat, followed by flash flooding and thunder

Choice of transport: bicycle

Okay I took a bit of a chance with cycling to work, especially considering it looked like the afternoon ride home could have looked like the end of the world, and if I didn’t get washed away, could otherwise just melt.

Still, cycling to work definitely has its benefits, and is clearly a growing trend, with visibly more people taking to two wheels in the mornings. Its a good start to the day, getting to work feeling energised and awake, happy in the knowledge that I’ve done my bit for the environment, and my that journey has cost me nothing… plus I have to remember the pressing problem that most of my jeans still don’t fit, so any exercise is a good thing at the moment, unless I am squeezing in five nights a week at the gym… which I’m not.

The rain never came in the end, but the heat did, and it was a warm ride home. Literally as soon as I pulled up, my wife pointed out that it was time to collect Olivia, so with only enough time to grab a drink and change my cycling shoes for trainers, we were back out again. The walk made for a nice cool down from the cycling, and its always good to get a bit more sun on the skin, as we don’t know how long the sunshine will be around for. After the last little heatwave, we all thought we’d pretty much seen the end of summer in the UK, and now here we are worrying about watering the garden as we don’t know quite when its next going to rain. Its funny how different things become important as you get older!

We nearly wrote off bath night for the girls due to the heat, but instead made the bath water fairly cool. We need any help we can get keeping the girls cool on days like today, as Chloe’s little box room is always the warmest room in the house. I am looking forward to the day we can get bunk beds in Olivia’s room at the back of the house, which is much cooler, and have them share a room, as days like today will then be much easier. Hopefully they’ll get along and not hate each other, as I think that as a parent, thats the one thing you can’t really control… can you?


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