365 project

Day 110 – When it all gets too much, just lie back and look up

Day 110 – Jul 5th

Ah yes, riding the motorbike home in the sunshine, getting a bit of a sweat on in the leathers, and trying to dodge the traffic to keep moving so you don’t over heat. It was a nice ride home, and the girls are usually pleased to see me, but today the iPad won, and Olivia couldn’t be bothered to put it down for long enough to come downstairs and say hello… bloody charming! At least I still have an effect on Chloe who gets excited when she here’s my keys in the garage door.

The twists and turns of having two children never fail to make me smile. In fact I congratulated my friend, by text message, on the arrival of his second child, and he asked me… “any tips for two kids?” and it got me thinking, how did things change for us when Chloe arrived, what did we do differently? Could I actually have any useful advice to offer anyone who had recently become a parent for the second time?

Kids are so different, its really hard to say whats best, so aside from joking about getting used to never being on time anywhere, the only real advice I had to give was to make sure that you always give both children equal attention. Its very easy when you have a big one sitting quietly entertaining themselves to forget about them when there is a little baby who seems to do nothing but cry all the time. As soon as Chloe was born, we made the effort to ensure Olivia had plenty of attention, she was still taken swimming, had her bed time stories, had someone to play in the garden with her, or was even asked to help around the house, or especially with feeding or changing Chloe, whch made her really feel like a big sister. I guess we’ll never know if it ever actually made any difference, but she has never been jealous of her sister, or been spiteful towards her, and we’re starting to see a real friendship blossom between them.

I’d like to think that part of it was us doing a good job, and not just luck.

What advice could you give to someone who had become a parent for the second time?


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