365 project

Day 109 – Lets do things as a family

Day 109 – Jul 4th

You know what’s hard? Pushing yourself flat out at the gym when you’re already tired before you begin.

Know what’s harder? Trying desperately not to snack once you get home from said gym session. Thank goodness there isn’t a great deal to snack on in our house!

Know what’s even harder than that? When you try on all your jeans and find out that most don’t fit, and your down to just a couple of pairs that do and have to keep wearing them!

That sucks! 

Physically it has been a disastrous year for me. Almost twelve months ago I hurt my knee while out running due to an old pair of worn out trainers that were long over due for replacement. I didn’t run for a while, but at least I was cycling. Then, about nine months ago I got the motorbike, and essentially gave up cycling as I was having so much fun commuting on the motorbike, and the novelty still hasn’t worn off yet! 

So with no running and no cycling I was forced to join a gym, which was fine, I do enjoy the gym, but finding the time for it has been a bit of a challenge. It’s usually late at night when I go, just before bed. Not ideal as it means my energy levels are already low by the end of the day, and if the girls don’t get to bed on time, then I get even less time in there, plus if we’ve had dinner late, then I could be exercising on a full stomach 

I’d sooner be exercising in the morning before work,  but it’s just not feasible. So I’ve been squeezing in the odd session here and there when I’ve had the time (and energy!), but I’m hoping to get back into a bit more running now my knee seems to have recovered, and hopefully start cycling to work a little more, at least before the summer holidays start. 

I’d love us to get out more as a family and do lots of walking over the summer, at least today we all got out for walk round to the nursery to pick Olivia up, even Chloe couldn’t wait to get there! 


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