365 project

Day 107 – Thanks for everything you do, birthday girl

Day 107 – Jul 2nd

It’s the wife’s birthday, and we didn’t get long to see her in the morning as she was off out to meet friends for breakfast/brunch. Now they no longer work together she doesn’t get to see them very often, so we couldn’t complain, it’s her birthday after all. There was time for cards and presents, obviously, but once she was gone, the rush to do things was off, so me and the girls took the morning slowly and we were in no hurry to get ourselves dressed.

The house needed tidying and cleaning, but when you are trying to watch and entertain two small children, its not quite as easy as that. There is only so much you can do, as it’s either one thing or the other. We’d got family coming over for a BBQ and there was a list of chores, but nothing that would take too long, at least nothing that couldn’t wait until the wife was back to watch the girls while got on with things. 

Again, as like yesterday, the sun came out and surprised us, and the day really warmed up. It was perfect BBQ weather. The family eventually turned up and we had a lovely afternoon, the girls had a great time playing with everyone in the garden. It was good to see my mom and both my sisters and have time to talk to them. I just wish we could do it more often. Olivia found a new friend in her older cousin, who is usually busy, but thankfully had some time off work and was able to make it. 

The important thing was, that the birthday girl herself, my wife, enjoyed her day. She does so much, and we’re thankful for everything.


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