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Day 106 – There’s a party goin’ on

Day 106 – Jul 1st

The first of two birthday BBQs, today was the brother in laws 40th, and the sun was out. Both food and booze was not in short supply, so no-one went without, and overdoing things became a very real probability. I tried to take it easy, but afternoon drinking is a surefire way to make poorer and poorer decisions as the day goes on! You become less able to recognise or even care about your limits.

I had to be somewhat careful though, with the following day being the wife’s birthday, I could not wake up hung over and, having spent half the morning in bed, I had certain responsibilities, as a husband and father. Cards and presents needed to be delivered to the bedroom!

Sadly the excess consumption did catch up with me, and the middle of the night acid reflux scenario reared its ugly head again, a sure sign that I had overdone things. It meant a rough nights sleep, especially considering we had no antacid medication left in the house.


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