365 project

Day 103 – You know you want it

Day 103 – Jun 28th

Well that’s Wednesday done, and the worst of the week over with. Working in a school, everyone hates the arrival of ofsted, no matter how much you’ve prepared all year for their anticipated visit. At least now we can relax a little now, with just a few weeks left until the summer holidays begin.

Yes, yes, the six week summer holidays, they’re fast approaching. The holidays you only have to briefly mention in passing to anyone who doesn’t work in a school, and they instantly hate you and assume you are gloating and trying to rub it in their face. They all see six weeks off as literally the best work bonus ever.

Yeah sure, I am never going to complain about six whole weeks off work, its one of the small perks of the job, and lets face it, working in a school doesn’t offer many perks outside of the holidays, but this bonus does come at a price!

Look at it this way, outside of your work colleagues, none of your friends are ever free, they’re all still working. Then try booking a holiday anywhere in the world… yeah, that £500 holiday you just took, thats going to cost me £1700 to take the same one! Try getting a day off for a week day wedding, or the funeral of someone who isn’t direct family. I’d love to do more photography training for myself, but do you know when it all is?… yeah you got it, term time! Want to go on a stag/hen party, or just a week away with friends?… you can guarantee they’ll all be going at the cheapest time of year! I’ve had to miss out on a few before now because of how inflexible the holidays are.

I do love the holidays, although the reasons have changed in recent years, now its more about spending time with the girls, rather than just turning the alarm clock off for a few weeks. I’ve also been lucky enough to spend the last summer holiday and this upcoming one with the wife too, because of her “extended” maternity leave!

Onto todays photo, a shot taken from this afternoon when I got home from work. Olivia wanted to play on the table with her kinetic sand, so I thought I’d try Chloe with some wax crayons to see how she’d get on. They caught her attention for a while, but she was soon off doing other things. The hand in the shot was actually Olivia’s when she helped me pick up the crayons that had been dropped.


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