365 project

Day 101 – The highs and lows of a Monday

Day 101 – Jun 26th

I’d like to say I’m lucky to have roses in the house to photograph, but the truth is that I bought them… and I bought them for the wife to apologise for rolling in at 3am drunk the other night, after saying I was popping out to my friends party for an hour or so. We’ve all been there when we’re having a good time and totally lose track of what time it is… haven’t we?! Oops!

Anyway, I had to take this shot while the roses were still fresh, which they should be for a few more days yet, the shot just isn’t the same when they start to wilt so I didn’t want to leave it and miss them at their peak. I love a close up of rose petals, there is something so serene and peaceful about it, like no other flower.

This shot cheered me up a bit, which I needed as some frustrating, but not totally unexpected news at work meant that the next couple of days are going to become somewhat stressful. I’ll just be glad when Thursday gets here! I won’t bitch about the details on here, as no-one likes to hear people whinge, and I need to stop myself from being negative.

The good news for today, besides seeing my girls when I got home, was catching up with blogging friend extraordinaire Suzie to discuss the details of wedding planning and my participation in being lucky enough to photograph this event. She’s a lovely girl who has worked hard on her blog and clearly mastered her skills, and meeting up with her and her lovely fiance was exciting for both of us. For them it makes things feel like a bit more of a reality when you start talking about the details and timeline of the day, and for me… well, I love a good wedding, and even more so when it happens to be a friend. Although with some photographer wedding guests and a massive audience when the photos appear on her blog, I am feeling the pressure start to mount a little. Pressure is not normally something I enjoy or thrive on, but its good when it comes to a wedding, as it keeps you on your toes! The happy couple to be seem fairly relaxed about it all, and its a venue I have been to before, so keeping our fingers crossed for a bit of dry weather, it should be an awesome day!


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