Day 100 – Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough

Flowers June
Day 100 – Jun 25th

Here we are at the first big landmark on the project, day 100, it always feels like a bit of an achievement. It happened to fall on a Sunday, and after an early start it was an afternoon of taking it easy and recovering a bit from the night before. It also happened to be the next Formula 1 race in Azerbaijan, what threatened to be a rather dull race, but turned into one of the most exciting races of the last few years! My very understanding wife never complains about me taking over the tv for a few hours, and the girls… well, they don’t have much say in it, when they’re old enough to pay bills they can have a say in it!

I grabbed an opportunity soon after the race finished, while it was still light outside, to take the camera outside and capture some of the colours that are starting to appear in the garden. Its beginning to look quite nice out there, and the weeks of growing seeds on the windowsill have been worth it, even though I had regular complaints about the mess they left behind.

I thought I’d change the format of the photo for today and turn the colours of the garden into a bit of a collage. One photo of the day or nine photos, you decide! Either way, I am happy with how the garden is starting to look. We still have some work to do on the back garden, one particular spot at the very top of the garden that I’ve never been able to tame. Having the girls around means that I don’t have nearly enough time at the weekend to start and finish the job in one go. I’ve been trying to do something with it for so long now, that I’ve got little choice but to admit defeat and look into paying someone to help me. We’ve had plans for that particular spot, as its the only part of the garden that gets sun all day long, but right now its pretty much unusable. Ideally we’ll have some chairs or a patio set up there soon and be sipping wine in the evening sun!


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