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Day 092 – In case of fire, find water

Day 92 – Jun 17th

Well the weather forecast has lived up to expectations, and even though it was early in the morning, the mercury was already starting to soar! My first job of the day was to get the car over to my mechanics garage, so he could check the battery and car our car starting properly again.

With that checked out, the next job was to drop Clare at the hospital to see her mother, before taking the girls home so Chloe could get a nap before we did something with our, as yet unplanned day. I contacted a few friends about an afternoon in the park with the kids, a couple of them already had plans, and I was about to resort to putting the paddling pool up in the garden under the gazebo for the girls, when my phone pinged with a message from one who hadn’t yet replied, and suggested we join him in his garden for some paddling pool fun with the kids. Game on!

The kids had fun playing together and splashing about, although it wasn’t long before Olivia took herself indoors to explore all the toys! We were in no hurry to leave, especially when another friend arrived with his little girl. Instead, we opened the cider (best drink on a hot day!) and got in some KFC for dinner!

From a day with no plans, it turned out to be a fantastic day, even if I did end up with burnt shoulders,
by simply assuming I wasn’t going to need cream as (I thought) I’d kept out of the sun enough to not really get caught out by it! Apparently not! Still, at least I don’t have the wife’s inherited faulty irish sun-averse genes, and this would eventually calm down and tan! I just hope I’ve passed on a few of my slightly more sun tolerant genes to the girls!


Day 091 – Friday, the superhero of the working week!

Day 91 – Jun 16th

Ah yes, Friday is here at last. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when I was working in retail and Friday was just another day, as I always worked Saturdays, and working Sundays wasn’t uncommon, so big shout out to anyone reading this who has to work this weekend!

Here in the UK the weather is set for a heatwave this weekend, and once I am home from work, Friday afternoon kicks off with some fun time in the garden whilst the girls are free to run about without getting burnt. Olivia’s car came out for yesterdays walk back from nursery, and now Chloe has fallen in love with it too. Thankfully Olivia is fantastic at sharing and such a good big sister, she was happy to try and push her little sister around the garden, although the steering was a little more tricky.

With the girls in bed it was time for us to eat, although dinner was a bit of a later one as we’d decided to have a delicious risotto, from a recipe I found online a few years ago. I printed the recipe and have fallen in love with the dish, even though its not the quickest dish to prepare and get right. Its totally worth it though, and although risotto sounds tricky, if you can follow simple instructions, you can make it too. The recipe can be found here.

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