Day 090 – Is it Friday yet?

Day 90 – Jun 15th

A fairly standard day at work, after cycling and hitting the gym yesterday, it was good to be back on the motorbike today. The weather has been pleasant and warm this week, and it makes the commute on a motorbike even more enjoyable. I still need to get around to arranging the lessons and test for my full motorbike license at some point, as it means being able to throw away the L plates, and buy a bike with a much bigger engine. I also want to go shopping for some more sunshine friendly motorbike clothing, as it can get a bit warm on the back of a bike when you’re covered in heavy, dark, padded jacket and trousers when you’re stuck in traffic and not moving much. 

The weekend is set to see the mercury rise quite a bit, it’ll be shorts, vest and flip flops weather at this rate. One thing I need to keep on top of is watering the plants and flowers that I have growing in the garden, most of which I have grown from seeds. Some of which I still can’t remember the names of. Todays photo is one such flower, it’s produced a beautiful orange colour, although for the life of me I can’t think what it’s called. I managed to use my macro lens to get a nice closeup shot and fill the frame with the petals. I can see that this years 365 project is going to be regularly filled with petals and the girls. Maybe time to start thinking of a few new ideas. What is everyone else pointing their cameras at, at the moment?


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