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Day 089 – Life is beautiful around the world

Day 89 – Jun 14th

Part of most adults morning routine will now involve either a quick cursory glance at their smartphone, to turn off an alarm or to check for any messages that may have arrived overnight, or for some it will involve picking up their phone and spending at least 20 minutes checking through various social media apps to keep up with their friends, before they even consider getting out of bed.

I only check my phone quickly each morning before I drag myself out of bed and attempt to start the day with the tiny big of enthusiasm that I can muster up, although today I was shocked and saddened by the news regarding a block of flats in London that had been engulfed in flames over night. With potentially hundreds of people inside, undoubtedly including babies, children and the elderly! Many lives were at stake, and this news also off the back of the recent London Bridge terror attacks. I’ve always been a little envious of those living in our beautiful, historic capital, but lately it just seems like a good time to not be living in London!

One thing that has shone through though, is how some many strangers have come together to help each other. It’s truly heartwarming. The emergency services have worked flat out to help everyone, and complete strangers have rushed to the scene with food, clothes, supplies  to support those who have lost everything. I’ve already seen at least three different justgiving crowdfunding pages to help raise money for them. We seem to have found a new and amazing way to embrace social media for th good of everyone.

Days like today always make you glad to be alive, to be healthy, to have both a job and a family to go home to! Some people take it all for granted, but I am grateful for every luxury I have.

On a more personal level though, I got home from work today though, and could see that one of my girls wasn’t feeling 100%, she hadn’t slept well the night before, and still seems to have a bit of a temperature. Kids and germs, they go hand in hand, but it’s still not nice to see your children feeling sad and unwell. Let’s hope a better nights sleep fixes things. You know she’s not well when she comes in for a cuddle and falls asleep on you. It’s still up there with one of the best feelings in the world though.


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