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Day 088 – All is not as it seems

Day 88 – Jun 13th

That smiling face… you see that one right there in the photo? She quite happily enjoyed cuddles with daddy and a bottle of milk right before bed time, as is standard. Both girls had gone down well, no surprise as they’re both so good at define, but barely an hour had gone by before the video monitor lights up and you’d have thought we’d shot her in both knees by the screaming/sobbing noises she was making!

There can be various reasons for her waking up once we’ve out her down, and again multiple reasons for her to have woken up upset and crying, but it’s not always easy to try and work out why sometimes. We’re just thankful it doesn’t happen very often. Tonight, she was almost inconsolable  for a while, daddy hugs definitely weren’t doing it, even a walk around the garden wasn’t doing it. Thankfully Clare was home to take over, and it seemed like at least mommy cuddles were working! She eventually calmed and we got her back down to bed successfully, although we’re still no clearer as to what actually caused it. We’re putting it down to the most likely  candidate… teething! 

There are a couple of things that we have come to rely on heavily as parents, firstly is gripe water, vile for some people, manna from heaven for others, but it’s certainly helped us in the past when she’s been suffering with trapped wind! Secondly there is liquid nurofen for children, which is much like calpol, but in my opinion far more effective. Lastly there is Ambesol, our weapon of choice for tonight, which, being similar to bonjela, has really helped us out with teething issues! 

So was it teething or coincidence, that she calmed down? Well, the initial crying suggested it was more than just a bad dream or something like that, something was clearly hurting, and she did start to settle after the Ambesol was put on her gums. If only babies could talk. Lets just hope she wakes up with a smile on her face again!


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