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Day 084 – Open your mind and try something new

Day 84 – Jun 9th

Finally, its Friday and the end of the week. I’ve managed five days of cycling to work and back after six months off using the motorbike. Today was exhausting, I’d not had much sleep after staying up to watch the election results that really just weren’t worth it! I won’t go into any politics on here, as I think people see enough of that online anyway, my facebook feed has been full of it for a while now, and people are starting to get a little tired of it.

Its nice to be home early on a Friday, it gives me a little longer to play with the girls. Olivia is always keen to get outside on her scooter, and with Clare preparing dinner, I took both of the girls for a short walk around the corner to see their grandparents, on what was supposed to be a flying visit, although things are rarely quick where Olivia is involved!

Once the girls were in bed we got back into watching tv together. Now and again we find a series that we want to watch together, although it is rare as our tastes are very different. I’d told Clare I was intrigued by all the hype around Game of Thrones, and needed to see what all the fuss was about, and surprisingly she agreed to give it a go with me. Its not the sort of thing I’d normally have gone for, let alone Clare, but people were talking about it so much, I just had to find out. I’d given Breaking Bad the benefit of the doubt and was suitably rewarded with an excellent five seasons of entertainment, so I figured I had to at least give this a chance. The first episode hadn’t exactly gripped me, but people assured me I’d need to be half at least a few episodes in and I’d soon be hooked. I can’t pretend that it isn’t heavy going, but I am trusting my friends that my determination will pay off! Time will tell!


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