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Day 081 – take the time to walk, you’ll see more around you

Day 81 – Jun 6th

Well this was an awful week to pick to start cycling to work again. Monday was a wash-out, and today was another day of cycling through the rain, followed by attempting to ride home in strong gales, which after several months of not cycling, was absolutely punishing on the legs. The weather forecast for the rest of the week isn’t fantastic either!

At least when I came home from work, the sun was out, even if the wind was unrelenting! Still, I had to no time to rest my weary legs, it was straight out to pick Olivia up from nursery. The wife suggested taking the car, but on top of the traffic being unpredictable, I didn’t want to waste this bit of sunshine. Along the way there are several patches of foxtail grass, as seen in todays photo. I took a photo of some in my first 365 project and was so impressed with the result that I wanted to try and reproduce it or improve on it, but sadly I only had time for a quick shot, and there wasn’t as much grass as I’d have liked. I do remember picking it when I was young, on the way home from school, and pulling the head off it and throwing it like a dart.


Day 080 – if you don’t like something, change it!

Day 80 – Jun 5th

You know you’re living in the UK when you get up in the morning to get ready for work, and look out of the window only to realise that you have no idea what season or month it’s supposed to be! Monday could have been February or November, but it certainly didn’t look like June, and this was the week I had chosen to get back on my bicycle and start cycling to work!

Still, my weight has reached a level where I can’t ignore it any more, and action needs to be taken. The motorbike had been a pleasure to ride, but missing out on that regular exercise of cycling twice a day, five days a week, is starting to show, and getting to the gym once or twice a week just isn’t cutting it!

When I came back from our honeymoon in California, two weeks of beers and eating the American way had left me looking quite bloated, and my weight peaked at 201lb, which is a lot for my height. This morning I’d gone a full 4lb above that! 

So, it’s time to change things a bit, I’m running out of jeans that fit, and buying bigger ones is as good as saying that I’ve accepted my new weight and I’m prepared to do nothing about it. 

I’d also left today’s photo to the last minute and decided to test out my camera before I went to bed. I wanted to see what it’s low light performance was capable of. With photography there are a number of factors than can affect the exposure of an image, one of which is the ISO. Anyone who has used a film camera will remember this as the films sensitivity rating, the higher the number, the more sensitive the film, and so the less light needed for the same exposure. This works exactly the same for digital sensors, except we can push them a lot higher now. Instead of the old 100, 200 & 400 we had for films, we can push digital cameras into the tens of thousands now, so that they are super responsive to even the lowest light, at the sacrifice of image quality though. This one was at my cameras maximum of ISO12800, so it didn’t do too bad for image quality. 

Photography lesson over.

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