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Day 079 – Four wheels moves the body, two wheels moves the soul

Day 79 – Jun 4th

And a big sigh… the end of the holiday is here at last, my week off work is over. We haven’t gone far, or had any especially exciting days out, but we have had a lovely time together as a family and seen some friends, and even enjoyed a little bit of sunshine. It had been a good week.

This was now a standard Sunday with the standard “back to work in the morning” feel about it, so all we could do was make the most of it. After the girls had woken up at the standard 7am, we managed to have a little win by putting on the Trolls film on the bedroom TV and staying in bed until almost 9am while they watched it!

We finally gave up and headed downstairs with the girls, theres only so long you can put it off for. Its no good getting breakfast ready at lunchtime, the girls make that perfectly clear, regardless of who we think the boss is!

Once dressed we’re off to visit the mother in law now she’s home and feeling a slightly better. The girls always raise a smile with their grandparents, they’re like a happy tonic! Unfortunately, one of them isn’t working properly today, the little one seems to be a bit broken and only functioning in small windows of happiness. We’re only managing to get through the day with an unprecedented number of hugs and naps. Whilst she is down for one of these naps, I take the big one off out for one of her favourite activities, swimming.

My only other task of the day is to head down to StreetBike to try and find out about replacing the front mudguard on my bike, whilst taking the opportunity to try some other helmets on for size, and enquiring about the lessons and test for the full motorbike license. The helmets aren’t anything I am in a hurry to buy, I really can’t afford one of the bigger branded ones, but I will be looking to get one when I finally get around to upgrading the bike, whenever that turns out to be. Todays photo was a photo from the shop, a couple of guys in their gear admiring some of the other bikes lined up outside, with the use of an oil painting filter in Photoshop. Making a move into the world of owning a motorbike does feel like you’ve just joined a part of a new community, one where no-one judges you, and even strangers are happy to say hello, welcome you to their little tribe, and lend a hand if you need it. Quite the opposite of being a car driver where everyone wants to get past you and would sooner spit in your eye than let you out of a junction! I certainly don’t miss using four wheels to get to work!


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