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Day 077 – Food tastes better when you share it

Day 77 – Jun 2nd

We were expecting a number of visitors today, our friends with their new little baby this morning, and my sisters and their partners in the evening. Sadly the first visit didn’t happen, as two tired parents needed to catch up on some rest after an evening of unexplained screaming from their little one. All part of the parenting process, and a stark reminder that once you become a parent, you only have so much say in how your day actually goes, you still have to work around the baby. We were looking forward to seeing them, but as we know all too well, when they baby doesn’t want to play ball, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

On a positive note, the one event that did go to plan was the mother in law finally coming out of hospital, and now being able to recover at home. We are planning to give her a day to settle in and visit on the Saturday, I know she is keen to see the girls as they haven’t been allowed in hospital.

The rest of the day was getting ready for my sisters coming over for dinner, and of course the quiz I had prepared. I had decided to cook early so that I could spend less time in the kitchen when they actually got here. One thing I hate is inviting people for dinner and then being stuck in the kitchen when they arrive instead of socialising. I needed to pop out and grab a few ingredients, and so this was my opportunity to try out the new courtesy car we’d been sent. It was a small, budget car, and thats exactly what it felt like to drive. On a plus note, it felt a bit nippy and light around the city streets and was very easy to park. I won’t be rushing out to buy one though!

With the last of the food in the oven cooking, the first of my sisters turned up, and entertained the girls for a while as I got myself ready.

Then, with the girls in bed, and my other sister here too, it was time for food, which seemed to be a success as there wasn’t a single scrap left on the plates or in the saucepans. The quiz went down well too, and although it was just a bit of fun, it was nice that everyone took it seriously enough to play along. Well done to the wife on being a clear winner!


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