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Day 076 – If a jobs worth doing…

Day 76 – Jun 1st

After lunch, the day was mostly spent at home waiting for our courtesy car to turn up after the garage had taken ours away to repair the bodywork after someone pulled out on the wife and clipped the back end of our car a few days ago. We were a little anxious as to what we would end up with, as we knew we were not going to get a like-for-like car, and so they replace our 2 litre, turbo diesel astra with a… 1 litre hyundai i10!! We certainly won’t be racing anyone off the traffic lights for a while!

Still, its a lovely afternoon and so the three of us take a walk and head down to the nursery to collect Olivia. It always makes her happy to see all of us turn up, and it still makes us feel quite excited to see her after she’s been there all day. As usual, Chloe strolls in like she owns the place and just starts playing with the toys. She’ll be a lot older than Olivia was when she finally starts nursery, but hopefully, by the looks of things, she’ll fit in just fine… hopefully!

That evening I spent a good few hours preparing a pub quiz for the following night when I have my two sisters and their partners over for dinner. I was very much looking forward to it, and decided to abandon the idea of putting a film on after dinner, as having everyone over and then making them all sit in silence isn’t really very sociable. I wanted to make the quiz a good one, so it meant staying up a little later, requiring me to treat myself to a drink and a snack to keep going until I’d finished!


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