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Day 074 – Never let your friends feel lonely

Day 74 – May 30th

A slightly different photo for today, people that I don’t actually know, and no I didn’t ask their permission first, they went on with their day blissfully unaware that I’d even taken this picture.

I was out looking after ‘J’ for the morning, and we were going out for a walk in the village to the local park and then along the canal, but first we were stopping at a cafe for some snacks and a drink, before heading off out. This is where I saw the inspiration for my shot. An elderly couple chatting away, him with his gloves on and unlit pipe hanging from his mouth, and although I wasn’t listening in on their conversation, I did catch the word ‘corinthians’, and so can only assume their discussion was of a religious nature, and consequently I soon lost interest in what they were talking about.

In a week of mixed weather, we had a nice day for a walk, the sun kept popping out and the day was warm. This meant that, once I was home, I could collect Olivia from nursery on foot, and more importantly with her scooter, the primary choice of getting home from nursery.

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