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Day 072 – Are they here yet?

Day 72 – May 28th

Two things you can’t beat on a Sunday are a Formula 1 race and a BBQ. Today had both, and we had friends coming over to join us for the latter, later in the afternoon. After a few days of sunshine and warm weather, the weekend weather had turned a little cooler, but with a little cloud cover, today was still perfect for kids playing in the garden and cooking food on the BBQ without getting burnt by the sun!

The wife had gone out to visit her mother in hospital, and it was just me and the two girls at home again in the morning, waiting for guests to arrive and the wife to return must have felt like forever for the girls, thankfully I at least had the race to watch while we were waiting. This weekend was the jewel in the F1 crown, Monaco. For anyone that knows anything about F1, Monaco is a notoriously narrow street circuit, and the 2017 rule changes for Formula 1 have meant that the cars are no significantly wider than they used to be. This is great for grip and traction on most circuits, but it meant very little action in todays race once the cars had launched themselves off the start line.

With the last few laps before the chequered flag counting down, it was obvious that our guests had arrived early and so my focus rapidly shifted from the high-speed battle between Ferrari and Mercedes, to the toys strewn across the living room floor. Reality comes crashing down, and its a scrabble to get things tidied up just a little while the guests are still getting themselves out of the car. Its fair to say that more cleaning and tidying is done in the hour before guests arrive than in the whole rest of the week prior to that!


6 thoughts on “Day 072 – Are they here yet?”

      1. Absolutely! The contrast, the subject separation, the out-of-focus world outside the window everything about the image makes me wonder (all over again – my son is now 6) about how children see the world around them. Great capture.


      2. Thanks, that was the Fuji X-T1 with the 16-55mm lens. I see you’ve made a switch from Canon to Fuji too. I’m keeping all my Canon stuff, too many lenses to give it up. Plus I love my full frame 5D!


      3. 🙂 It was *hard* for me to finally let go of my 5D3 and 50L, and I miss it a lot when I see the same kit on other photographers’ hands, and the great images they make, but, with my hand on my heart, it was all just too lumpy for the kind of candid photography I’m most interested in. The Fuji with a fast lens is still a substantial thing, but it feels less like it takes over the day out, if you know what I mean. With the Canon, it was stuck to my face the whole time and my day was all about photography; with the Fuji, I get to have fun with the family too…


      4. Yeah I know what you mean, they can get in the way a bit. I first got into Fuji as I wanted something more discreet on our honeymoon and picked up an X100 for two weeks in California. Love them now, but not sure I could switch completely.


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