365 project

Day 071 – 40 is not the new 30!

Day 71 – May 27th

As another one of our friends turned 40 recently, today we prepared to celebrate the occasion with a party, and so was the start of a busy day. In the morning, a few of us met up at the at The New Inn, where the party was being held, to lend a hand putting together the gazebo/tent thing, which had been bought for the event and was far too big for just one person to put up. Once that was done, there was one more errand to run before heading home to get myself ready for the party, the meat collection. A freezer full of meat always makes me happy.

The party was fun, everyone had a lovely afternoon, the kids enjoyed themselves too, and a few of us had managed to treat ourselves to a couple of afternoon drinks ahead of going into town on the evening to continue the celebrations. We don’t tend to get out quite so much these days, so this evening felt like a bit more of an event. It was good to get out with friends again, although the night felt a lot more low key than previous evenings out. Its fair to say we’ve had our share of fairly wild evenings, and while this particular evening was good fun, it was clearly on a different level, a new level. We were actually having conversations, all fairly coherent, and no one had really mentioned music or dancing. Was it really so obvious that most of us were now over 40?? Clearly things have changed, we’ve changed, our priorities are not the same as this time ten years ago. Most of us are now parents, married, and well aware that we are extremely unlikely to get much of a lie in, in the morning, if at all.

It has often been heard that “40 is the new 30”, one of those lines you hear thrown about from time to time, mostly by people who are 40 and wishing they weren’t, along with things like “life begins at 40” and other such pearls of wisdom. The truth is, when you actually do turn 40, you realise its a far cry from 30. Things have started aching, turning grey, becoming wrinkled and you seem to forget why you’ve walked into a room or done something, and you never ever seem to be getting enough sleep! Do I miss 30? Yeah sure, but the truth is, life has never been better!


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