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Day 062 – Happy birthday to me

Day 62 – May 18th

Yup, its my birthday! I’ve reached that ripe old age where going out to celebrate seems to be becoming slightly less important, just as long as I can put my feet up with a glass of something in my hand in front of a good film, I’m happy!

The original plan was to head out with the wife and girls for a meal as soon as I got home from work. Yes, I had to spend the day at work, as sadly in my job, taking a day off for a birthday isn’t really an option, so I have to work any birthday that isn’t on a Saturday or a Sunday. When my mother and sisters all suggested coming over to visit that evening, it made more sense to stay at home and order in some food. It didn’t matter quite so much what time people arrived then, and they could all see the girls properly without anyone having to rush their food so we could get back for the girls bedtime.

It was a lovely evening and everyone enjoyed the cupcakes that the wife had made, even if she had decorated them with a less than typical birthday message. There is no denying it now though, I am officially old!


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