365 project

Day 057 – You can’t escape the inevitable

Day 57 – May 13th

It was going to be a fairly quiet weekend, the few plans we’d got had been cancelled due to our two girls and their incredibly snotty noses. I’d lost count of how many wet wipes we’d gone through cleaning these slimy noses, and I’d got to the point where I’d stopped being repulsed by it, and was quite frankly just a little bored of wiping noses! The highlight of the weekend would have been catching up with some friends to meet their newborn baby, but there was no way our two snot-infested monsters were going anywhere near a baby that was just 6 days old!

With the sun out it was a chance to spend a little time in the garden, and Olivia didn’t need asking twice. There was gardening to be done, some flower seedlings needed planting into the flower bed, and Olivia was keen to help. It was also a chance to plant out the pumpkins I’d grown from seed too, I hope these do well this year, I am very keen to try and get a pumpkin soup out of them!

I had a quiet hour to myself when Clare took Olivia out to the church fete, and while Chloe was having her afternoon nap, so it was my chance to sit down and catch up on the Formula 1 qualifying session, as strangely enough the three ladies in my house don’t seem to share this passion with me. Still, the girls are young, there’s plenty of time to brainwash them yet! Thankfully the qualifying session was finished before Clare arrived back home with Olivia keen to show off her new face paint!

This evening it seemed that most of the country was focused on the Eurovision Song Contest. I’d been threatened by the wife that she was having it on the tv, regardless of what I said. With my Saturday night viewing compromised I tried to rope a couple of friends into a night at the pub, although it fell through at the last minute, leaving me no choice but to stay in and endure it. My sister was even having a Eurovision party, and actually bothered to take time out to invite me. Pffttt! She knew what I was going to say, and if it had been any other kind of party I’d have been there! Still, at least that’s done for the next 12 months!

At least with the Spanish Grand Prix tomorrow the tv is all mine… all mine I tell you!!!


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